The monitors are supported on a separate frame in the R3volution, which straddles around the gaming cockpit’s base frame. This is a smart move on Obutto’s part and allows gamers to customize just how far away from the monitor or TV they want to be. I have been toying with the idea of putting a 52” LED TV on the mount we have here and can’t imagine sitting a foot and a half away from it. Additionally, you can choose not to use the monitor mount at all if you instead use something like a projector system. This new monitor frame is also sold separately and compatible with the older oZone design.


The optional, add-on acrylic table tops are a welcome addition to the cockpit as, without them, you lose a lot of utility space. On my setup, they house my custom-built and store  bought flight simulation controls as well as 2.1 speakers. However, they can easily be used to house small laptops or tablet devices. While the table tops are welcome and essential, they could have been slightly deeper in measurement. One thing I liked about the original oZone’s table top accessory was that it gave a huge amount of real estate for use as a traditional desktop. The R3volution gaming cockpit table tops are mounted on easily-installed, articulated arms (like the keyboard tray and monitor mounts) and this allows for a great deal of movement and flexibility in their placement. They also rotate on a horizontal axis, allowing users to tilt tablets, laptops, or other visual peripherals towards them  – dont’t worry, the included lip pieces will help keep things from falling off them.

The center beam of the R3volution’s frame doubles as not only a dock for the extendable yoke/steering wheel tray but, also, a conduit to channel cabling. I was able to get my monitor power cables as well as some of the USB cables through the conduit but, unfortunately, the monitor power cables AND input cables would not all fit. It might have been better to include a separate channel or tube through which to funnel cables alongside the center beam. An additional note – flight sim gamers will love the fact that there is a vesa screw pattern in the adjustable tray. This means you can mount a small display for a “glass cockpit” or touchscreen gaming experience.

Finally, the company has also added in a cup holder as a special gift to purchasers of the R3volution gaming cockpit. This is a brilliant add-on and, for a free mount and piece of plastic, adds a huge amount of value to using the cockpit. You have to enjoy the little things…

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