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I have put a lot of rough and painful years on my back, I was never kind to it at my best and I was downright mean to it without thought when actions required it. As a result I have a back which, while not uniquely bad, ranks up there with some of the worst off. Luckily gaming is an activity that can be played in multiple positions on multiple platforms enabling me to one day review a game for the Kinect then the next play on an iOS while resting up my back. The hardest part has been not the playing but the writing up of the game afterwards where even a laptop and the required slight elevation in bed to use it could prove too much of a task to complete or the weight of a laptop would sometimes put too much stress on my body. One of our friends over at Cygnett not only came up with a great solution to this issue for me but also an elegant one perfect for travels when they sent me the Cygnett Lavish Connect.
Description And Features:
Ideal for easy on-the-go use, the protective Lavish Connect features a super-thin magnetically-attached 84-key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard and integrated stand. Concealed magnets activate the sleep/wake function and keep the case securely closed when your new iPad is not in use.

    • Slim folio case includes magnetically-attached yet easily removable Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to make the most of your new iPad experience
    • Beautifully crafted & elegantly designed to protect your new iPad from drops & scratches
    • Concealed magnets keep the case securely closed when The new iPad is not in use


The Lavish Connect wasn’t so much tested by me as it was put to immediate use.  I had taken my iPad to CES with me and carried it the first couple of days before returning it to the room and giving up on putting it to use the rest of the trip.  When one of  our colleagues at Cygnett realized that I had not given up trying to type with my giant paws on the little touch screen of the iPad but that it had been setup next to the bed relegated to a Netflix theatre he decided to surprise me by sending me a case to work with.  Immediately I found my work on writing extremely easier as I was able to stop and write anywhere at anytime whether it was waiting in the car for someone to run into a store and run an errand or in bed when my back finally decided it had had enough. I was able to take my iPad up and keep working away at whatever I needed to whether it was writing a review or emailing contacts.  The keyboard responds quickly and accurately with the magnets holding it perfectly in place without slipping.  The keyboard is removable slimming the profile of the case even more and if there are no plans to do writing just using the case can be a handy and safe way to carry the iPad around.  Personally I found I would rather just leave the keyboard inside so that if I changed my mind and decided to write I would be able to give my meaty paws a chance to type at a decent speed.
One of my concerns when working with the keyboard is that I would find that the battery life might not be long enough to complete work but I soon realized that was a silly concern, after even a short period of charging the Lavish Coonect gave plenty of typing time, I found myself watching the battery life on my iPad more than the keyboard.  When working in bed it was simply a matter of plugging them both in then I could write until it was time for a break and watch some Netflix.  At that point if I hadn’t already popped out the case’s built in kick stand, I would and be able to watch in comfort.

Last Call:

Life can be difficult in general and a bad back definitely can add to those difficulties.  The Cygnett Lavish Connect has improved my home life as well as looking stylish and making my reviewing far more portable and convenient.  With a much less bulky profile and weight than a laptop and a comfortable design including a built in energy efficiency wake up/sleep mode I would expect for people to see this little black beauty by my side most places I go.

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