January 15, 2013   Torrance, CA – Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, the newest installment and first action-adventure game in the hit Hakuoki series, will begin shipping on February 19, 2013. Amazon is currently offering aHakuoki bandana as a pre-order bonus to those ordering before February 19th!  In addition, each retail copy of Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi will come with a 16-page full-color character guide featuring art of each of the playable characters in the game!

About Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi

Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi blends the beautifully-told visual novel, Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, into an action-packed adventure game that’s fun for those new to the series or fans from the beginning!  Become stronger and more deadly as one of six legendary samurai, while you battle imperial soldiers, other samurai, and blood-thirsty furies. Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi contains two storylines where players can either follow the events of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom or play in an alternate universe where events unfold very differently.

Two Major Storylines – Play through Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom with each of six playable characters in “Shinsengumi Memorial,” or change history in “Shinsengumi Chronicle”!

Shinsengumi Chronicle – Change history as any one of the six main characters in. Play in an alternate universe where you control the fate of the Shinsengumi!

Shinsengumi Memorial – Step into the shoes of your favorite samurai and play through battles from Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.  Join in on the action as you battle your way through Kyoto!

Skirmish Mode – Replay past battles to add some more kills or level up your character to be more deadly.  Unlock two addition characters in this mode and duke it out on your favorite stages.

Fury Mode – When a character’s life is spent, he will enter Fury Mode, unleashing a ferocious killing machine, able to tear down anyone that gets in his way.  However, becoming a fury too many times can unlock a particularly bad ending.

A Special Character Guide with Artwork – Each retail copy of Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi comes with an exclusive character guide featuring all eight playable characters from the game.  Learn about each of these legendary warriors, and see them in their traditional Shinsengumi outfits and Western attire in this 16-page, full color digest!

Amazon Pre-Order Bandana

For those who pre-order the retail version of Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, Amazon will be offering an exclusive 22” bandana showcasing your favorite warriors.  Featuring all eight playable Hakuoki warriors, this 22” bandana can be framed, used as a traditional furoshiki (Japanese cloth bag), worn, or you can decorate your purse (or man bag) with it!

Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi is rated Mature (M) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board for blood, strong language and violence.  For more information, visit www.hakuoki.com/warriors/.

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