When we saw the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System over on ThinkGeek, we were very excited. Our primary gaming rigs gets super-dusty and we are always on the lookout for a way of eliminating the mountain of compressed air cans that we go through each month. Short of submerging our rigs in non-conductive gel, we simply had to give the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System a shot. Basically, the Hurricane 2 is a small air compressor that pushes air out at around 200 MPH as long as the trigger is depressed. The unit is comfortable to grip, as can be seen in the above image, and doesn’t weight very much. Setting the Hurricane 2 up is as easy as inserting one of the plastic extensions into the air nozzle and making sure it is fully charges. Then depress the trigger and let the air rip. Speaking of charging, the rechargeable battery in the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System will last for about 15 minutes of continuous operation or around four hours of general usage.  Unlike traditional compressed air canisters, the Hurricane 2 will not stop functioning after a short while of continuous use. Also, the Hurricane 2 can be used at any angle – a feat which compressed air canisters simply can’t duplicate.

The only real issues with the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System are the pressure of the air stream and the noise. Its not that the Hurricane 2 isn’t powerful – quite the opposite, in fact. The problem is that the plastic extensions used to guide and focus the air from its business end are a bit on the wide side. A more narrow extension would allow the air stream to exit with more concentrated force, which would greatly increase its dusting capabilities. The second issue with the Hurricane 2 is the noise it makes while in operation. The official product website claims it “sounds like an electric razor”. It actually sounds a bit louder and higher-pitched than that (to my ears, anyway). Aside from dusting electronics and furniture, its noise and air are a great way to dissuade your cat from biting your Christmas Tree lights. I mean, I think it might be good for such use. The GamingShogun.com Legal Team warns all users that they should never point the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System at any living creature, great or small. 🙂

Overall, the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System will provide you with an exceptional anti-dust solution that doesn’t involve constantly buying cans of compressed air. While the pressure of the air stream could be a bit more intense, it does a fine job in dusting – especially if used on a regular basis before dust has a chance to “settle in” for the long haul. I would recommend the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System to anyone needing to keep their electronics clean. Additionally, it would make a fine gift for the geek in your life this holiday season.

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  • Can be used at any angle.
  • Lasts for several hours on one charge and can be used for about 15 minutes straight on one charge.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Air stream is non-toxic (its air!).

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  • Initial pressure not as high as a compressed air can.


You can find the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System on sale at the product’s official website or ThinkGeek.

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  • The O2 Hurrican is great, I found that using it without the straw is better, more power! Thanks Canless Air