Cologne, Germany – Team NINJA celebrates Gamescom 2012 by revealing two new fighters for the upcoming fighting entertainment title Dead or Alive 5, which launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 25, 2012. Team NINJA re-introduces the characters of Brad Wong and Eliot, who look more realistic than ever in their return to the highly anticipated fifth installment of the Dead or Alive series. To premier these two new characters, Team NINJA has released spectacular new images of the characters highlighting both fighters in a never-before-seen stage.

Referred to as the “immovable apprentice,” Eliot is a Xing Yi Quan prodigy under the tutelage of master Gen Fu. The youngest contestant in the DOA tournament, Eliot has a polite and respectful attitude toward his rivals but can be very aggressive and impatient during a fight. Fast on his feet, he uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power, overwhelming his opponents while simultaneously defending and attacking.

Brad Wong, having concluded his search for the legendary wine Genra, returns to Dead or Alive 5 with his unique fighting style. The “Druken Master” continues to exhibit the distinct moves of Zui Quan, confusing his opponents with his well-balanced style that employs a combination of hard-to-predict evasive maneuvers and quick strikes.

To showcase these two characters, Team NINJA has released all-new images of Brad Wong and Eliot fighting in a small Chinese house. This new stage is another example of the vivid interactive stages in Dead or Alive 5, as characters can be kicked through walls and windows, destroying their surroundings as they fight to win!  Dead or Alive 5 will also include an extensive online mode, allowing players to test their skill against opponents from around the globe.

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