Fairies flutter and zombies shuffle and shuffle their way into Sims 3 in this preview of the upcoming Supernatural Expansion.

Fairies are fickle and magical supernaturals with an innate connection to the natural world.  From the start of the expansion fairies will naturally appear as human-like creatures with fluttering wings.  Through special interactions they will be able to transform into their true form which resembles a glowing insect that is miniscule in size.  Fairies can be created in Create A Sim and have a slew of new customization options available that range from choosing the shape and color of their wings to adjusting the pointiness of their ears.  Fairies often bestow gifts to others and carry special auras that increase their skills as well as the skills of those around them.

In contrast to lithe and sprightly fairies, The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion introduces moaning and roaming zombies into the game.  These lumbering creatures have just two things on their mind: brains and grains.  As they shuffle through the neighborhood, zombies attempt to nibble on Sims and pick at their well-manicured plant boxes.  Not even other supernatural Sims are immune to zombification!  A bite from one of these brain-hungry creatures can leave your Sims with temporary or long-lasting effects.

Special Plants vs. Zombies Peashooters to prevent zombie attacks are included in the Limited Edition version available to those who pre-order the game.  In addition to the Peashooters, the Limited Edition of The Sims 3 Supernatural include creepy iconic apparel form the world of Plants vs. Zombies.



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