Los Angeles, Calif. (E3 Expo, 2012) — June 5, 2012 — OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming, announced today that it will be showcasing a broad range of new video games as well as breakthrough new features at OnLive’s Booth #535, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 5-7 in Los Angeles.

OnLive Cloud Gaming Demonstrated on LG Smart TVs with Google TV OnLive is demonstrating the OnLive® Game Service on the next-generation LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series) from LG Electronics. Capitalizing on the power of LG’s L9 dual-core processor, the service will make hundreds of top-tier video games from more than 60 publishers playable on-demand, without a console or PC. When the service becomes available, LG G2 TV owners will also enjoy free instant access to exclusive OnLive social features such as worldwide massive spectating, the brand-new OnLive MultiView spectating capability, Brag Clip™ video recording and Facebook sharing. Select 3D games, using the popular LG CINEMA 3D glasses, are planned for a future software update.

With just a few taps of the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller or any compatible game controller, LG G2 TV owners will be able to jump in and play OnLive’s growing library of hundreds of top-tier, console-class video games on-demand. Instant demos are available for nearly every game so players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game free before deciding what to buy, and then continue playing where the demo left off.

OnLive One-Click In-Browser Cloud Gaming Delivers Full-featured Web-based Gaming OnLive released today a major update to its In-Browser Gaming capabilities, enabling publishers/retailers to offer one-click, instant play of hundreds of games from OnLive‘s top-tier library or any partner-provided games in nearly any PC or Mac® browser, and soon, from browsers in OnLive-enabled TVs, tablets or phones. No signup or login necessary: In just one click, gamers jump into a white-label gaming experience completely defined by the retailer or publisher’s website, from startup to return dialogs to window skinning, utilizing OnLive features such as OnLive MultiView in-game live spectating, multiplayer, voice chat, touch support and secure transaction interfaces. OnLive In-Browser Gaming is live today in North America, Europe and soon worldwide. Check out game trials in OnLive’s game catalog at www.onlive.com/games/featuredgames to see OnLive’s In-Browser Gaming service in action, skinned with a simple interface to showcase base functionality.

OnLive In-Browser Gaming was designed for easy integration into any Web destination, such as partner websites, Facebook pages, tweets or fan sites. Using standard HTML or Flash, the partner website both skins and controls the flow of the entire experience. A simple URL launches any game, whether from OnLive’s library or partner provided. Upon completion of gameplay, the website can decide whether the user returns to the web page for download, for a disc upsell to specific platforms, to purchase the game for continued play through OnLive on the device they are using, or any combination of these choices. No more lost sales (and disappointment) to users who can play a cloud demo on their device, but lack a high-end PC or platform that can play the game. Plus, OnLive opens up new opportunities to sell games for OnLive-enabled TVs, tablets and phones.

A New Era in Social Gaming with OnLive MultiView OnLive has steadily pioneered unique social gaming experiences, such as watching other gamers play live in the massive spectating Arena while voice chatting and messaging with players and spectators around the world. Now with the introduction of the groundbreaking OnLive MultiView feature, users will be able to take social spectating one step further by watching three other players’ game sessions while continuing to play their game. For co-op and multiplayer games, OnLive MultiView adds entirely new possibilities for coordinating tactics with teammates. For everyone, it adds an exciting new social dimension—the ability to keep tabs on three fellow gamers simultaneously in the same or completely different games, to race them, compete against them, cheer them or just watch them play, without ever leaving your own game.

OnLive MultiView is integrated into the OnLive experience, accessible instantly at the push of a button—something only OnLive cloud-based gaming is able to achieve with no changes required by developers. The feature is currently in beta and is slated for full release later this summer.

“OnLive continues to pioneer exciting new experiences that are instantly and easily accessible for everyone,” said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. “OnLive cloud technology is the future, and we are thrilled to continue to bring its unique capabilities to light to a broader audience.”

Millions of Subscribers with 100% Uptime 24/7 at Two-year Anniversary and Counting OnLive went live at E3 2010 with just 19 games in its library on only PCs and Macs over Ethernet. OnLive faced a huge wall of skepticism as to whether the technology would ever work and if it did, whether it could scale, and even then, whether it could reliably deliver gameplay on a consistent basis over consumer broadband connections.

Two years later at E3 2012, OnLive is celebrating its two-year anniversary with hundreds of games from over 60 publishers, and is not only available on PCs and Macs, but on TVs, tablets and smartphones over wired, Wi-Fi and cellular connections. OnLive has millions of subscribers worldwide, with international spectating, multiplayer and voice chat, and despite the immense complexity of operating such a large and intricate real-time service across continents and oceans, OnLive has had 100% uptime 24/7 since launch. OnLive not only works at scale, but it works reliably across a wide range of consumer devices and broadband connections. As OnLive has become integrated into more and more devices, and its game library has grown deeper and wider, we are already seeing that the vision of OnLive has become a reality.

OnLive’s roots go back much farther than the two years since launch. Today’s achievements are the culmination of over a decade of work by an incredibly dedicated team of people and the greater ecosystem of our publisher and technology partners to bring OnLive from the lab and into a commercial product offering, overcoming immense technical and business obstacles. OnLive has filed what may well be one of the largest and most fundamental patent portfolios ever by a technology startup, certainly for a set of inventions met with such skepticism that at their unveiling they were declared impossible. The patents are a reflection of the depth and breadth of the OnLive vision, and the confidence OnLive and its partners held from the outset that OnLive would change everything—gaming, entertainment, computing, and communications.

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