My computer desk just got a makeover… SteelSeries just sent us an amazing treat… Gamingshogun’s review units for the new Diablo III gaming mouse and headset. It is a privilege and a pleasure to share my thoughts on both of these fine pieces of peripheral hardware after the jump!

The Mouse

Two peripherals can simply make or break our entire experience with our computers. Those peripherals are the keyboard (which I am tap-tapping away on right now) and the mouse. These two devices are how we interface with the brains of the computer. When one doesn’t feel or work right, I (for one) become a foul-mouthed, screaming, punching, kicking pile of rage – there, I said it. The SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse is, in a word, exquisite. Never before have I felt an input device so divine. The top of the device is silky-smooth to the touch, and somehow, retains its grip even after hours of sweaty-palmed gameplay. It provides plenty of programmable buttons so that you are never at a loss for that certain game. The software drivers are Diablo III-themed, tying the whole package together. I can also tell you that when the mouse is sitting there at my desk, slowly pulsing its “demon-red” light, it is quite a sight to behold. The mouse seems to be very durable so far. I am sure that I haven’t even come close to my 10 million click “ceiling” quoting SteelSeries’ claim that the mouse can withstand up to 10 million clicks, but I am excited to give this bad-boy a true run through now that Diablo III is officially released to the masses.

The Headset

We all love to hear our games, don’t we? Living in a house with my wife and daughter, we have a rule that I am not allowed to play games until my girls go to bed. When I play games, I like to hear every little nuance of what is happening around me. Before the Diablo III headset came into my life, I was using the CreativeLabs WOW Wireless headset. It sounded pretty darned good, however, it was SUPER heavy, and the ear cups caused my head to sweat something fierce. Another issue that I had with the headset was that it was very uncomfortable with my glasses. The earcups would push my frames into my head and cause extra pressure and even pain in long-lasting play sessions. The very first thing I noticed when I put the Diablo III headset on my head was that I could barely tell I had put it on. This is one featherweight headset!! The problems I had with my glasses were a thing of the past. The ear cups seem to be designed with glasses-wearing individuals in mind! The sound quality is quite astounding as well. The highs were nice and crisp, with a big boomy bottom that didn’t distract from the sounds in the game. I love listening to Spotify when I’m running Daily Quests and the headset plays music beautifully as well. The retractable microphone is a great design idea and works really well. Let me add one more thing to my shiny headset review, for those of you who loves you some Diablo, you will not find a better looking headset out there… This thing is dead sexy and has the same “demon-red” glow feature as the mouse. The next time you LAN up for some Diablo gaming, you will be the envy of all your buddies at your game…

The Catch

Oh noes!! So, in addition to my two shiny new Diablo III peripherals, I also am rocking a SteelSeries MERC Stealth Keyboard which I am learning to love! The thing is, the keyboard is on a different set of drivers than the headset and mouse. When I installed the SteelSeries drivers for the mouse and headset, my computer began giving me fits, and Windows Explorer began to crash and restart, in a non-stop loop. I reached out to SteelSeries Support (through the normal consumer channels) and I’m happy to say that they were very quick to respond. They let me know that the problem is a known issue. The keyboard drivers don’t play well with the mouse/headset drivers, and the result was exactly what I was experiencing. They recommended I use the Keyboard drivers, as the keyboard doesn’t work properly without them. So, I had to ditch the custom Diablo III drivers for the my new input and audio devices, but I am happy to report that they work just fine without them.

Summing Up

If you are a Diablo III fan that MUST have the ultimate Diablo III setup, this mouse and headset are for you. If you have been putting off upgrading your mouse that is half-broken and do a lot of gaming, then I can think of no better mouse on the market right now (and it looks cool as hell!). On the same note, if you are looking to upgrade your headset for whatever reason, there is really no reason not to get the Diablo III headset as well. Remember the driver issue that may crop up if you are already using another SteelSeries keyboard, but don’t fret, it isn’t completely deal-blowing. You will be happy with your purchases. I know I am… Now it’s time for me to go and use my new devices as I descend into the depths of hell that await me in Diablo III!! I certainly have the proper gear for it!!

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