Another day and another game drops with a trip to the Zombie Apocalypse. This time the developers behind budget title Wasteland Angel have released a side scrolling tower defense style game called “Deadly 30”. The game is an independently produced title and taking a quick look at it can be quite deceiving. Let’s jump into the zombie horde and take a look at what we thought of the game.

What We Thought Was Cool

Day Turns Into Night:
The point of Deadly 30 is simple, you need to survive for 30 days without being destroyed by the zombie horde. The game starts you off as a solider who is all alone in a world full of destruction. As you move your way through the screens you come across an abandoned two story building filled with corpses. A quick search yields a generator and now you have your base camp. So like anyone hoping to survive the outbreak you need to defend this safe house. Deadly 30 has a unique day-night cycle that allows you to do a few different things. During the day, you can go to either the left or the right to explore different areas on the map. This is your time to scavenger for supplies before the sun sets and all hell breaks loose. As you move from screen to screen, you come across scraps of metal. Metal is used as a a currency in Deadly 30 and can yield a number of upgraded weapons from the in-menu shop. You can also purchase things like health packs and upgrades for your safe house with the scrap metal you find. Sometimes you will come across destroyed vehicles that will yield a larger amount of metal for your stockpile. The last day time experience you will have is coming across other survivors. Survivors will allow you to not only use unique weapons but you will also be able to switch to them when you are close to running out of life. This is a true game changer and they come with a little bit of story that makes a little platformer into a unique experience.

As the sun sets via the in-game graphic it is time to defend your house. Night time brings out the zombie horde and boy are you going to need to make sure you can defend yourself. It’s time to make sure you are stocked up on weapons and ammo as running out will surely end the game quickly for you. It’s important to protect that generator by any means necessary. This could be by building a barricade with your currency or just attacking everything in sight. Keep in mind though, a safe house without defenses will fall very quickly. You have a limited amount of ammo and your melee knife is just not going to cut it. That generator blows and your game is over my friend. The fighting is simple as the controls are the same as day time. You can go left or right to battle the slowly shambling corpses. I bet this sounds like a piece of cake right? Deadly 30 has a unique system where as the days go on the zombies become even bigger bad asses and you better be prepared.

You Get A Lot For Five Bucks:
The casual gamer just looking at Deadly 30 would think that this five dollar title would be a simple platformer. The replay factor in Deadly 30 allows the player to pick up and play whenever they want. I found myself just wanting to kill some zombies for a few minutes when I had time and the game was there waiting for me. If you want to get deep in the experience you can sit for a few hours and play. Replay factor on a budget title is a must and Deadly 30 does it all right.

What We Thought Was Not Cool

Nothing at all! Deadly 30 has no negatives to it and is a great little budget title. The development team put this out on their own and deserves some love from the gaming community.

Final Thoughts

With an obvious small budget the team behind Deadly 30 did a great job. I hope this game gets released for mobile devices as it would be a fantastic addition to my Ipad gaming. While the Zombie genre is crowded, Deadly 30 offers a unique twist on some side-scrolling fun. Shogunites, shamble your way to the computer and pick this one up for some corpse shooting action.

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