So anyone who has read a review of a game on OnLive or the review of the system itself knows that I am a pretty big fan of them and I tend to particularly suggest getting involved with the system at this time while they are still relatively small and working on not just advertising on places such as YouTube but using word of mouth as much as possible by getting free consoles out to the players.  A lot of their new titles have come with the consoles for free giving you PC and console play from one game purchase.  Well now they have upped the ante.

Attendees of PAX can follow this link to OnLive and signup for an account then just stop by their booth at PAX and get a free console.  They are giving thousands of them though you will probably want to get there as soon as possible, at conventions and expos thousands of anything go quick.  If you sign up today they are selling Borderlands GOTY for $5 with all the DLC packs included so that if you are going to PAX you can sign up, try a game for $5 while being able to demo over 100 other games and if you like it at all you can pick up the console at PAX and play on your PC and console.

The consoles retail for $100 so getting one free while they are relatively unknown is a great deal.  After PAX I imagine word of mouth and review is going to start blowing up for the system, if you have any doubts Time Magazine voted them one of the top 50 Best Websites Of 2011.  Word is getting out so the time to get in is now.

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