Eagle Dynamics has released a new patch for their acclaimed combat flight simulation, DCS: A-10C Warthog. Patch brings numerous game updates and can be found over at the game’s official website.

Patch Notes


Changes of AI Tasking System

  • Direction and variant parameters added to “Formation” option.
  • Designation method and datalink usage parameters added to “FAC-Attack Group” and “FAC-Attack Unit” tasks.
  • Spawn of inactive aircraft on parking ramps added and “Start” triggered task. This makes it possible to use aircraft as a static objects or for delayed takeoff.

Mission Editor

  • Direction and variant parameters added to “Formation” option.
  • Designation method and data link usage parameters added to “FAC-AttackGroup” and “FAC-Attack Unit” tasks.
  • Spawn of inactive aircrafts on parking ramps added and “Start” triggered task too. This makes it possible to use aircrafts as a static objects or delay takeoff.
  • Now possible to again select trigger zone in the trigger zone list.
  • ME trigger actions failures list is now sorted.
  • The map center location and scale are now in the mission.
  • Hotkeys in ME preventing some letters from being used in mission briefing writing corrected.
  • Fire at point for indirect fire weapons working again.
  • Options / MISC screen selection of map coordinates added for LL deg/min/sec, LL deg/min/decimal, and MGRS.
  • MGRS grid (blue) added to map.
  • Dynamic weather no longer generates lightning in winter.
  • Tanker TACAN can now be edited in some situations.


  • Engine sounds in cockpit are no longer heard in front of the HUD with surround sound.
  • Fuel pump sounds no longer heard in cockpit.
  • Corrected problems with surround sound with 2.1 speakers.
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder growl is no longer directional.
  • No player’s voice in the first dialogue with JTAC has been fixed.
  • Axis of engines sound was reversed.
  • Improved canopy open/close sound.
  • Improved AIM-9 sounds.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Anti-radiation missiles can no longer lock inactive radars.
  • The doors of concrete shelters will not close while the player is still in the shelter.
  • Incorrect aerial refueling “disconnect” message fixed.
  • Wingmen now provide direction and distance to enemy ground units.
  • Suicidal Wingman behavior during attacks, based on waypoint height, corrected.
  • 32 bit. Route behaviour of AC AI group is fixed.
  • Detection of infantry units has been tuned. Infantry can now be detected at longer ranges by AI.


  • Corrected several cockpit graphics issues.
  • Some GUI elements are fixed in the 2560 horizontal display resolution.
  • An aircraft’s navigation lights change in size depending of range and zoom level now.
  • Removed broken tree and FARP shadows.
  • Terrain illumination adjusted.
  • Cockpit Textures now separate from World Textures.
  • HDR presets renamed to COLD, NORMAL, WARM.
  • HDR presets adjusted – COLD preset is returned to the original DCS HDR.
  • Directional lights on several of the new airports has been tuned.
  • ATI Radeon terrain lighting without clouds or with overcast issue fixed.
  • A-10C cockpit glass reflections tuned.
  • OFF flag on the angle of attack indicator had wrong color.
  • F/A-18 fuel tanks texture fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect shadows for revetments at airfields.


  • JTSN switch on countermeasure panel will now expend all flares.
  • Manual MFCD power knob implemented. Must turn on during ramp start.
  • DTS selected set as default elevation source during ramp start.
  • Bleed Air and Main Air Supply switches on ECS panel are now ON at ramp start.
  • Default position for Signal Amp switch was changed to NORM.
  • Boarding ladder now can be extended from the cockpit by the dedicated switch. To stow the ladder, use the “Stow boarding ladder” radio command in Ground Crew radio submenu.
  • Fixed ownship negative altitude display in the lower left corner of MFCD.
  • HUD symbology was reworked in HARS mode – many symbols were removed from the display and some were returned. Fixed gun cross was implemented. Logic for some of elements (like TISL Cue Index) in HARS was updated.
  • REPLY/TEST lamps logic on IFF panel was adjusted.
  • IAM (JDAM/WCMD) weapons status on DSMS was reworked. Added transfer alignment algorithm simulation.
  • Accelerometer Push-to-Reset button was implemented.
  • Armament Ground Safety Override switch was implemented.
  • DVADR Control and Remote Control Panels were implemented.
  • MFCD ARS and MAV DLZ sizes on MFCD were adjusted.
  • GAU-8 Clearing Cycle was modeled. If GUN ARM switch is set to OFF less than 2.5 seconds after gun trigger was released, GUN UNSAFE will be lit on Caution Light Panel. Gun will jam on the next fire attempt.
  • Fixed bug of inability to delete DSMS profile after its exact copy was created.
  • Vertical velocity scale now is visible on HUD only in NAV mode.
  • HUD FEDS, BATA, Min Range, and Safe Escape display functions are inhibited when is LAAP engaged.
  • Aim-9 audio is no longer heard after IFFCC power is cycled.
  • HUD standby sight will now work with IFFCC turned off.
  • Fixed oxygen system switchology effect on oxygen starvation/recovery.
  • IAM current weapon selection algorithm will now reject bombs not in RDY condition.
  • Emergency Canopy Jettison Lever was implemented.
  • The handle lock button was implemented on Auxiliary Gear Handle.
  • Wind entered on CDU WIND page is correctly accounted by IFFCC in aiming calculations now. The wind model was changed to account for wind fading to zero at negative 4000 feet.
  • HUD symbology positions with the Tapes option ON were adjusted.
  • EGI and CDU failures were implemented.
  • ADI steering bars were made visible when ADI is not powered.
  • Current steerpoint is no longer stuck to WP 0 after switching current CDU fly-to DB to MARK.
  • TAD North cue and cardinal directions marks are pointed to magnetic North now.
  • BULL-CURS logic was updated. Now with BULL-CURS selected, Hook Connector Line is visible even if there is no hook is on the TAD. However, to disable BULL-CURS a hook on TAD needs to be made.
  • Laser code on TGP was made always visible.
  • Now all waypoints in the current Fly-To DB are displayed on the TAD. With MSN selected, only points 0-50 are displayed. Additionally, the last markpoint is made visible disregarding of the current Fly-To DB.
  • Mark Z symbol (white triangle) was added on TAD.
  • Default setup for External Lights panel switches was changed.
  • External Lighting System was revamped. The white tail light is interpreted now as the third position light, tail anticollision light was added, anticollision lights are flashing simultaneously now, left/right tail formation lights were added, all formation lights are smoothly adjusted now by the Formation Lights switch, top and bottom formation lights are no longer flashing with position lights anymore, pinky switch forward position now additionally sets to dim nose/nacelle floodlights and formation lights.
  • Maverick will break lock now if missile FOV was changed.
  • SPI will reset to steerpoint if SPI was defined by TAD and active hook was removed from TAD by TMS Aft/Short.
  • TAD generated SPI always coincides with TAD active hook now.
  • Some SADL related WCNs are cleared now upon MSG Quick Look activation.
  • CCIP Variable Tgt Elevation pippers will revert to the standard pipper when it is more than 20 mils between them.
  • Missing second (HEI) pipper point was returned back on CCIP gun reticle with CM rounds loaded.
  • Reticle slew commands in MAV ADJ mode are applied now only if maverick is SPI.
  • If a weapon station is not carted (special safety pin removed) for jettison (i.e. Aim-9), an attempt to jettison it will generate HUNG STATION WCN.
  • Now both Selective and Emergency Jettison functions will work with either of two jettison CBs pushed.
  • Search Radar RWR Indications for TOR, Tunguska, OSA and KUB corrected.
  • Rockers on the CDU will now work with both keyboard and joystick.
  • When running the IFFCC bit check the “pull up pull up” and “altitude, altitude” are now both heard.
  • CMSC PRI button can now be illuminated.
  • HARS button cannot be illuminated with no power.
  • Magnetic heading indication in HARS mode was made functional. Excessive HARS attitude gyro precession was fixed. HARS Fast Erect button should work correctly now.
  • Master Caution Flashes/Warning Sound when Pressing Bleed Air leak test button.


  • Damage state of world objects between host and clients corrected.
  • Killing of a blue JTAC by client will not result in a crash.
  • MP Server & Client now provide correct weather on the next mission loaded.
  • Aerial refueling corrected. Only one player can be in contact with tanker at once. In contact player must check out before other player can communicate with tanker.
  • JTAC communications corrected. Only one player can be in contact with a JTAC at once. In contact player must check out before other player can communicate with the JTAC.
  • Building damage state shared correctly between all players.
  • Clients can hear all AI flight communications.
  • Clients hear all ATC communications correctly.

Other Changes

  • Fixed training missions.
  • Vsync selection in Options now working correctly.
  • “The Shore” and “Devil’s Cross” campaigns removed. These 3rd party campaigns are available on the File Exchange. http://files.lockon.ru/en/
  • Updated Flight Manual, GUI Manual, and Quick Start Manual.
  • In-game credits updated.
  • Fixed some bugs in the GUI combo-boxes.
  • Ships with surface wind will pitch and roll according to the strength/direction of wind.

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