I had the opportunity to meet with the fine folks at Nexon America yesterday. They are here at the Expo to show off some new additions to one of their current titles, Vindictus, and to get gamers excited about their upcoming title, Dragon Nest. Both are Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Action RPG’s. While they both share the same gameplay style, they couldn’t be more different in their art direction and storyline.

Vindictus, which is available now, is a dark action title that features a realistic art style. It is one great looking game. Here at E3, Nexon is showing off their new player character and a brand new boss that are coming to the game via an update to the game this October. The new player is a gigantic, lumbering beast of a character who carries a pillar as a weapon. He also has a transformation ability which will change him into either a Paladin, or a Dark Knight. He is a visceral combatant that has the ability to grapple even some of the largest foes in the game. The new boss character, which I don’t want to spoil for you was massive and provided a good challenge for us to beat.

Next up was Dragon Nest. This was my personal favorite of the two games. I had the opportunity to play it last year at E3 and it has come a long way since then. It has a more fanciful, bright visual style. It really was a joy to play through the demo level in both CO-OP mode and in PVP.

Both games are designed to be played with either the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. For the style of play, I actually preferred the gamepad for both games, as the action is very arcadey in nature. I had a great time visiting with the people at Nexon and I want to say special thanks to the developers I was able to play with on both titles.


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