Funcom has announced that their MMO, Age of Conan, would be re-launching this Summer as Age of Conan: Unrated – removing censorship from the equation and adding much more mature content. Additionally, this update would implement a hybrid business model where players could choose between free ‘standard’ and pay ‘premium’ subscription types!

‘Age of Conan’ has always been a Mature gaming experience, but going Unrated gives the development team freedom to stay even more true to the original works of Conan author Robert E. Howard, and use even more of the barbaric, brutal and sexy setting that is Howard’s Hyboria. Funcom is already in the process of developing new locations, monsters, equipment and storylines for ‘Age of Conan: Unrated’. This includes the movie tie-in adventure pack announced yesterday, that will introduce content and characters from the upcoming ‘Conan the Barbarian’ movie.

Age of Conan launched back in 2008 and is available exclusively on the Windows PC platform.

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