Let’s take a moment to admire the awfulness of this week’s winner of our Worst Box Art of the Week Award (applause). This week’s winner is Remington Super Slam Hunting, which is being developed by Mastiff (Shimano Extreme Fishing, Deer Drive) in cooperation with Remington Arms. While the game is a budget title due out early next year, we can laugh at the box art now. Hunting is usually a solo sport, with many hours of tracking your quarry, running into dead ends, and other annoyances like going to the bathroom outside (perhaps that’s where the game’s subtitle, ‘Outdoor Action’) comes in to play).

Judging by this box art, however, this game looks a lot less about hunting and a lot more about stopping wave after wave of a coordinated, rabid-animal invasion. How else do you explain this mass of animals all charging the two poor hunters at once? Those guys are toast – one is armed with a long rifle and the other a shotgun. If I am going up against all those animals at once I want an M249 or a bazooka – which is, of course, the grizzly bear’s only weakness.

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