We often find ourselves waiting. Waiting in line to get into a convention (to stand in more lines), waiting in queues for a group, maybe the infamous ‘Wait At The DMV.’ While you are waiting with little to do a nice time-killer is Lux Touch by Sillysoft Games for the iPhone.

Lux Touch is based off the classic board game Risk, which is the godfather of such games as Command & Conquer and Starcraft, and has a very simple concept: world domination. Risk has been copied and complicated many times before, often for the worse. Sillysoft Games kept it straight forward and very true to the original game and designed decent, though not brilliant, opponents to play against. It is simple to learn and completely free.

The biggest drawback of the game is if you exit out of the program it doesn’t save your progress. So you may have been one turn from conquering Europe when a call comes in and it’s game over, start again. This could work out great though if you just killed a half hour wait in a line and the enemy had you pinned down in Australia.

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