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The most difficult part about the big E3 expo is the lining up of all the meetings and other appointments my reporters have to attend. Not only do you have to figure out when to schedule the appointment but, often times, you have to hunt down the proper contact for the exhibitor in the first place. It seems that more and more companies are hiring outside agencies for their event appointment bookings. It would be nice if the ESA would develop an official exhibitor/attendee appointment system within the official E3 website. By funneling all communications and scheduling through the site, you would always have a centralized location for these activities. Next year, ESA… In fact, I seem to remember using the CES website for this exact function back in January so I know its possible.

As far as what times to pen appointments for your reporters, one always asks the important questions: When is their next appointment? Do they need any lead-time? Do they have to eat? To this, I say ‘NO!‘. To alleviate my stress I have decided that my reporters at the event will not be eating for the duration. It’s the only way to be sure.

Of course, its all worth it in the end. E3 was always the king of all other gaming expos and I have high hopes that this year’s plan of bigger attendance, etc will put it back on its rightful throne.

Our food-starved E3 coverage goes into overdrive beginning June 1st, so stay-tuned.



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