The website for Cryostasis, an upcoming survival-horror/action game from 1C and Action Forms ltd, has gone live for your browsing enjoyment. Due out at the end of this year, Cryostasis puts you on an icebreaker in 1968, fighting the mutated bodies of your crewmates with the most basic of weapons.

Official Website

Official Release:
Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company today announces the launch of the official website for the upcoming survival/ horror FPS Cryostasis.
1968. Arctic North Circle. Alexander Nesterov is sent to investigate the North Wind, an old Russian nuclear ice-breaker shipwrecked in an icy grave with the crew all presumed dead. Fighting against the intense cold, Nesterov starts to uncover the shocking secrets buried within and relives the horrifying final hours of the crew.

The Cryostasis website – – teases you with new information about Nesterov’s mental echo ability, the ship’s mysterious history and the crew’s bone-chilling final journey. Detailed updates on characters, weapons and key features can be found in the ship’s logs and there’s a wealth of new screenshots, videos and art to download.


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