Every so often comes a product that just proves itself to be too damned handy to pass on purchasing. Aerielle’s i2i Stream digital music broadcaster is one such example. In short, the i2i Stream broadcasts an audio signal over a frequency to be picked up by other i2i Stream devices within range. These receiving devices can be attached to headphones or larger speaker systems and reproduces the audio in near-CD quality.

Sounds like a simple enough device, but what caught our eyes, ahem, ears here in the GamingShogun offices was a glint of genius. When used properly, the i2i Stream can wirelessly connect your home or office for high quality music. We attached one of our two units to the resident Zune and the other to a desktop speaker system from Logitech. The result was that everyone here could enjoy the music I selected from my Zune…everything…Even the stuff not much appreciated ’round these parts. Like the Allman Brothers Band…Alot of people just don’t get those guys… But, I digress.

The i2i Stream device is unique in that it is a transceiver, meaning it can both receive and transmit audio (although not at the same time). By simply clicking either mode button you can go from tuned listener to DJ. The audio is broadcast over a 2.4gHz signal within a 30 foot range. You can select one of seven different color-coordinated channels to transmit on. Just have your loyal fans set their receiving devices to the same color and you are all set.

Its high frequency signal can even penetrate light structures to really bring that wireless party to a boiling point. Aside from wirelessly connecting your home or office, Aerielle has marketed the devices to the younger crowd, looking to share music at school, the coffee house, etc. The device is very portable and would perform well in this role with battery life ranging from five to seven hours on a full charge.

Overall, we have to say that the Aerielle i2i Stream digital music broadcaster is a very handy tool for groups of audiophiles looking for a community experience as well as office-goers looking to rig their place of business for sound sans those easy-to-trip over wires.

A two pack costs $99.95 while one unit will set you back $59.95

Official i2i Website


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