In a recent Eurogamer interview, Bethsoft’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, said that there would be no Fallout 3 demo on the grounds that it would not ‘capture the fun’.

Hines said there was ‘no way’ to slice a portion of the world off and have it stand on its own…’When you build it as one thing, there’s no way to portion off a section and have it stand on its own without putting the whole game in the demo, which we’re just not going to do,’ said Hines…’And it doesn’t really capture the fun of a game like an Elder Scrolls or a Fallout, where you can go where you want and do what you want. So no demo, sorry.’

Personally, I understand Bethsoft banking on word of mouth advertising and the franchise’s reputation to sell copies, but anytime a developer denies a demo I raise an eyebrow and can’t help but think this is an attempt by Bethsoft to avoid alienating those gamers who are not fond of first-person shooters.

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