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BenQ ZOWIE Official Gaming Monitor of the 2017 MLG Pro Circuit

COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 17, 2017 — ZOWIE, BenQ’s eSports brand, today announced its partnership with global eSports leader Major League Gaming (MLG) by becoming the official gaming monitor sponsor for the 2017 MLG Pro Circuit Season. Engineered to create the ultimate competitive gaming experience, the ZOWIE RL2455 and the RL2460 console eSports monitors will be the featured sponsorship products at the Call of Duty® World League tournaments.

The MLG Dallas three-day tournament and finals for Call of Duty World League is set for March 17-19 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Halls C, D and E, in Fort Worth, Texas. The event kicks off this weekend, where 16 qualifying international teams and more than 160 open-bracket teams will compete for a $200,000 prize pool. The competitors will battle it out on the ZOWE RL2460 eSports console monitor, and visitors will be able to experience ZOWIE products in the ZOWIE booth all weekend.

Tickets for MLG Call of Duty World League Dallas Open at Fort Worth Convention Center are available on the MLG Store. Every single match will also be streamed live on MLG.tv. For the full lineup of ZOWIE gaming gear, please visit Zowie.BenQ.com.

BenQ Announces VITAL Audio System

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Dec. 6, 2016 — ZOWIE, BenQ’s eSports brand, today announced the introduction of the VITAL Audio System. Sound, just like vision, is one of the most important sources of information when playing any competitive game. ZOWIE VITAL is a solution that achieves clear and consistent sound at home and in any tournament setting. ZOWIE VITAL is finally being released in the U.S. after months of gathering direct product feedback from competitive and professional gamers that attend major eSports events worldwide.

Serious gamers bring their own gaming gear to tournaments, and now it’s possible to conveniently carry the sound settings they’re accustomed to at home to the gaming venue thanks to the compact design of the ZOWIE VITAL Audio System. Since sound quality may need to be adjusted in different environments at varying background noises, the ZOWIE VITAL Audio System includes an intuitive touch panel that allows gamers to adjust the volume, bass, treble and vocal any time – without going back to Windows or the Control Panel. There’s no need for any drivers, ensuring that players can get the same sound quality they’re accustomed to at home easily.

Convenience is important and so is sound fidelity. ZOWIE VITAL upgrades the system’s output to make sure there is enough sound information on every computer, while allowing gamers to choose a wider impendence range of headsets without sacrificing performance.

Communication is key for any team-based eSports game. ZOWIE VITAL has an independent analog-to-digital input for the microphone to ensure that teammates hear voices more clearly.

ZOWIE VITAL allows headsets and speakers to remain connected at the same time providing the highest level of convenience. Players simply click the one-button headset/speaker mode on the touch panel.

ZOWIE VITAL Audio System Key Features:

1. Intuitive touch-panel to easily adjust volume, bass, treble and voice
2. All sound settings can be adjusted while in game
3. Headset and speakers are connected at the same time and selectable by a click of a button
4. Increased performance for sound and voice quality
5. Plug and play; no drivers needed
ZOWIE VITAL Audio System is now available at a retail price of $199.99. More information on the ZOWIE line by BenQ is available at Zowie.BenQ.com.

BenQ Announces ZOWIE eSports Brand


COSTA MESA, Calif. — Dec. 10, 2015 — BenQ America Corp., the internationally renowned pioneer in monitors designed for eSports, today announced that the ZOWIE brand will represent the company’s future releases in this market.

Following the recent announcement of its investment in ZOWIE GEAR, BenQ has further demonstrated its dedication to this segment by adopting ZOWIE as the new brand for its gaming-related line. BenQ will continue to show its commitment to gamers by providing eSports athletes with premium, professional gaming products via the ZOWIE identity.

All future BenQ gaming-related merchandise will be introduced under the ZOWIE name. Combining the core competences of BenQ and ZOWIE, new ZOWIE-branded eSports devices will focus on ergonomics and personalization to provide innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment.

More information on the ZOWIE line by BenQ is available at http://info.benq.us/zowie.

BenQ Releases Curved XR3501 Gaming Monitor


COSTA MESA, Calif. – Aug. 5, 2015 – BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, today introduced the company’s all-new XR3501 curved gaming display. Designed to provide a more immersive gaming experience, the 35-inch panel brings gamers a dramatic 2,000R curvature — the highest of any LCD monitor — as well as a lightning-fast 144-Hz refresh rate, ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, and BenQ’s RevolutionEyes™ technology — allowing gamers to experience enhanced visual comfort, a larger viewing area, and seamless peripheral views for a more authentic sense of engagement with today’s dynamic content.

“BenQ’s new XR3501 monitor is set to transform gaming into a faster, wider, and more engaging all-around experience,” said J.Y. Hu, Vice President, Business Line Management at BenQ America Corp. “Featuring a 2-meter curvature, a fast-action refresh rate, and a 2560×1080 resolution, the panel provides breathtaking visuals that surround users with edge-to-edge excitement. Players will experience their favorite games in an entirely new way while features such as Black eQualizer, RevolutionEyes technology, and PIP will definitely put them ahead of the pack.”

BenQ’s XR3501 monitor has been designed for casual gamers looking for a more enveloping gaming experience. With over 20 options for color vibrance, the VA panel provides higher color reproduction with better viewing angles, which proves vital when using such a large curved screen by adding an extra layer of color optimization. Users can also adjust color levels directly via OSD or DisplayPilot for complete color control. Using Black eQualizer, the panel brightens darker scenes within games without over-exposing white levels — giving gamers the advantage of seeing details more clearly than their competitors, while picture in picture allows multiple sources to be connected and viewed on the monitor.

With a focus on “Eye-Care” and visual comfort, the XR3501 is equipped with BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology. Featuring ZeroFlicker™, the monitor eliminates flickering at all brightness levels, reducing visual strain to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. When combined with the device’s built-in Low Blue Light modes, the monitor also successfully filters the exposure of emitted blue spectrum light — effectively reducing eye fatigue and elevating gaming performance to provide exceptional visual comfort, even during long hours of gaming or dynamic content viewing.

BenQ’s curved XR3501 monitor is now shipping across North America at an MSRP of $999. Details on BenQ’s full line of gaming monitors can be found athttp://gaming.benq.com.

BenQ Unveils Curved 35 Inch Gaming Display with 144Hz Refresh Rate


COSTA MESA, Calif. — June 15, 2015 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, today announced that the company’s XR3501 curved gaming monitor will be making its U.S. debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015, held June 16 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Equipped with RevolutionEyes™ technology, the 35-inch panel unleashes a more immersive gaming experience by providing gamers with a dramatic 2,000R curvature — the highest of any LCD monitor — in addition to a 144Hz refresh rate and extra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio. The monitor will be showcased by BenQ partner DXRacer USA at booth 5536.

“As the official gaming monitor sponsor of Major League Gaming, BenQ remains fully committed to innovating new products and technologies that push gaming to unprecedented levels of excitement,” said J.Y. Hu, Vice President, Business Line Management at BenQ America Corp. “Featuring a 2 meter curvature, ultra-fast refresh rate, and over 20 color options, our XR3501 monitor goes beyond the specs found in typical curved displays to give players a sense of immersion for the ultimate gaming experience. We invite E3 attendees to try it out for themselves and get a firsthand look at the future of gaming.”

BenQ’s new XR3501 monitor offers a larger viewing area and seamless peripheral views, providing a more authentic sense of engagement with captivating gaming content. With a focus on Eye-Care and visual comfort, the panel is equipped with BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology. A 144Hz refresh rate and 4ms GTG response time create smooth imaging that preserves the high-motion details of today’s gaming requirements. Featuring 20 options of color vibrancy, the VA panel also adds an extra layer of color optimization to deliver higher color reproduction and crisper viewing angles. Other features include Low Blue Light technology, BenQ’s Black eQualizer technology, and picture–in-picture capabilities that allow the connection of multiple sources.

The gaming industry’s annual E3 expo brings together thousands of top video game vendors and professionals from over 100 countries to discover the market’s latest innovations for computer, video, and mobile games. BenQ partner DXRacer USA specializes in ergonomic and aesthetic products for competitive gamers and eSports enthusiasts. E3 attendees can try out the BenQ curved XR3501 gaming monitor at DXRacer USA’s booth.

More information on E3 and DXRacer USA is available at www.e3expo.com and www.dxracer.com, respectively. Details on BenQ’s full line of gaming monitors can be found at http://gaming.benq.com.

BenQ’s XL2730Z FreeSync Display Available Now


COSTA MESA, Calif. — April 23, 2015 BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, today announced that it is now shipping its flagship XL2730Z RevolutionEyes™ professional gaming monitor. Created to be the marketplace’s most immersive gaming device, the lightning-quick 27-inch monitor comes loaded with smooth-action features specifically designed to give players more comprehensive control over their gaming experience. Now compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology, the new performance-driven display features Gaming Refresh-rate Optimization Management (GROM), a 1ms GTG response time, and BenQ’s renowned gaming features to offer competitive gamers the finest, smoothest, and fastest onscreen gaming experience to date.

The XL2730Z features BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology focused on protecting the eyes during extended periods of use. Equipped with a direct LED-backlight system with ZeroFlicker™ technology, the device eliminates flickering at all brightness levels reducing eye strain and alleviating computer vision syndrome. When combined with the device’s built-in Low Blue Light modes, the monitor also successfully filters the exposure of emitted blue spectrum light — resulting in more comfortable viewing and longer sessions of competitive play.

“As the official gaming monitor sponsor of Major League Gaming, we make it our mission to put the market’s most innovative tools into the hands of today’s competitive gamers,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “In developing the XL2730Z, BenQ is pushing this philosophy even further, combining high-speed features such as adaptive-sync, ultra-fast refresh rates, and BenQ-specific attributes that take gaming to the next level.”

BenQ’s XL2730Z monitor features 27 inches of 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution, a TN panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms GTG response time to take fast-action gaming to an entirely new level. Now equipped with a GROM system and supporting adaptive-sync variable refresh-rate technology with AMD’s FreeSync graphics card, the XL2730Z gives players the freedom to customize their gaming experience by tweaking viewing preferences including refresh rates (100/120/144Hz), display resolutions, and screen sizes. For an even smoother gaming experience, the monitor uses BenQ’s Motion Blur Reduction 2.0 to render all fast-moving images fluidly without tearing or ghosting anywhere across the screen.

With the newly improved Black eQualizer 2.0, the XL2730Z is also able to detect the input source and automatically adjust the amount of brightness in the game within a range selected by the user. As a result, players can identify targets effortlessly and react quickly to any in-game situation without taking time out for manual adjustments. Using the Auto Game Mode setting, the monitor automatically detects the genre of the game being played and matches it to its preset color, while a “Game Mode to Go” feature allows gamers to save game modes onto a USB flash drive for quick and easy transportation.

To deliver optimal gameplay, gamers can choose from 20 preset levels of color vibrancy to meet specific viewing requirements. Using Display mode, users can also select from eight different screen sizes while Smart Scaling provides the flexibility to freely scale screen content to any custom measurement. To mimic the gaming experience of legendary gamers, the XL2730Z’s Game Mode Loader lets users choose from a wide selection of professional presets, while Display Pilot offers convenient onscreen display adjustments and instant access to several integrated features. Equipped with BenQ’s S Switch, the monitor’s external hardware switch gives players a better grip on changing between auto game modes and customized settings.

Now shipping, BenQ’s XL2730Z is available at a retail price of $599. More information on BenQ’s full line of products is available at www.BenQ.us.

BenQ to Unveil Next-Gen RevolutionEyes Gaming Monitors at PAX


COSTA MESA, Calif. — Aug. 27, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., a globally renowned LED and gaming monitor expert, today announced that the company will showcase the latest addition to its highly acclaimed XL Series of RevolutionEyes™ professional gaming monitors at PAX Prime in Seattle. Shipping just in time for the competition, the new XL2430T debuts as BenQ’s next evolution in first-person shooter (FPS) purpose-built gaming monitors with new and enhanced features such as Motion Blur Reduction 2.0 and Black eQualizer 2.0 to boost gaming performance. In addition, the highly anticipated XL2420G will be on display featuring NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology to eliminate performance issues related to image tearing, stuttering, and latency — providing gamers with the ultimate in smooth, fast-action play to conQuer any gaming situation.

As a tournament gaming monitor sponsor, PAX Prime participants will battle it out using BenQ’s RL and XL Series of professional displays. The company will have the best and brightest of its gaming monitors on display and for sale at the event, with special at-show pricing for attendees. Along with raffles and giveaways taking place at BenQ’s booth in Annex level 3 in the PC area, the company will be engaging gamers and show goers via a number of social media contests. The now sold-out PAX Prime 2014 gaming event attracts more than 70,000 attendees and is being held at the Washington State Convention Center from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1. The annual convention brings together vendors, pros, developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the latest in video game technology.

“We connected with the gaming community at PAX East, and PAX Prime offers an even greater opportunity to engage with players and innovators that drive the industry,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “PAX Prime is an ideal venue to debut our latest RevolutionEyes professional gaming monitors, which feature a slew of new gaming modes and long-awaited G-Sync technology. All of our gaming monitors are engineered exclusively to enhance game play, giving users the best possible experience at home or in competition.”

At PAX Prime, BenQ will unveil the new XL2430T 24-inch widescreen full HD display. Already a 2014 reddot award winner, the XL2430T combines BenQ’s world-renowned gaming-focused solutions in addition to new and improved enhancements. The XL2430T offers 100 percent precise control inside and out, featuring BenQ’s Motion Blur Reduction 2.0 technology to ensure an ultra-smooth, blur-free and lag-free gaming experience. With the newly improved Black eQualizer 2.0, the XL2430T is able to detect the input source and automatically adjust the amount of brightness in the game within the range selected by the user. As a result, players can identify targets effortlessly and react quickly to any in-game situation without taking time out for manual adjustments. Additionally, the XL2430T boasts new features on top of BenQ’s signature Game Mode Loader, Display Mode, and Smart Scaling. These include an Auto Game Mode that detects the genre of the game being played and either switches the display setting to the corresponding game mode automatically or makes new game mode recommendations for download. A new Game Mode to Go also allows gamers to save game modes onto a USB flash drive for easy and simple transport. Game modes can even be shared via cloud storage or social media platforms for group sharing, collaboration, and ultimate domination.

BenQ will also showcase the highly anticipated XL2420G G-Sync gaming monitor, which promises virtually lag-free gaming and releases later in the year. The 24-inch widescreen full HD display features expanded connectivity and the same award-winning G-Sync technology recognized by Reviewed.com with CES Editors’ Choice when the monitor was shown for the first time. While most monitors only have a single Display Port, the XL2420G offers dual HDMI®, DVI, as well as Display Port. In addition, the monitor’s new G-Sync Mode enables smooth, low-latency gaming that creates more lifelike on-screen action to augment the gaming experience. By synchronizing the display’s refresh rate to the graphic card’s GPU, G-Sync technology eliminates screen tearing for better graphic integrity, minimizes stutter for smoother gaming, and reduces input lag. The results are scenes that display instantly, sharper object resolutions, and smoother overall game play.

Featuring BenQ’s exclusive RevolutionEyes technology for exceptional monitor performance, both monitors house a new direct LED-backlight system with ZeroFlicker™ technology to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, letting gamers protect their eyes during extended periods of use. With Motion Blur Reduction 2.0 the blurring effects and associated eye fatigue are dramatically reduced, while BenQ’s unique Low Blue Light modes enable the monitors to successfully manage the exposure of emitted blue spectrum light, resulting in more comfortable viewing. The displays’ gaming refresh rate optimization management (GROM) systems give gamers the freedom to custom-build their personal gaming experiences according to viewing preferences such as refresh rates (100/120/144Hz), resolutions, and screen sizes. With blazing-fast 1-ms GTG response times, the XL Series monitors offer the ultimate in fast-action play with striking visual clarity and seamless motion fluidity for hours of full-on gaming.

The XL2430T is now shipping at an MSRP of $449. The XL2420G releases in Q4 2014 at an MSRP of $649. For the full lineup of BenQ’s gaming monitors, visit gaming.benq.com. For more information about PAX Prime, visit http://prime.paxsite.com/.

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BenQ Releases New Colorific Home Theater Projectors


COSTA MESA, Calif. — Aug. 26, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and the No. 1-selling DLP® projector brand in The Americas(1), today introduced its next-generation Colorific™ home entertainment projectors: the HT1075 and HT1085ST. Building on the incredible success of the company’s top-selling W1070 and the short-throw W1080ST, the new home theater devices have been designed to take content to an entirely new level — combining the magic of over 1 billion colors, 3D-readiness, and the realism of full HD 1080p picture quality. What’s more, the new projectors add streaming and mirroring capabilities for devices equipped with Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) to allow the transfer of small-screen content from any portable device. When such an astounding feature set meets such a small price tag, enthusiasts can now easily bring home a full-on cinematic experience.

“BenQ has taken two enormously successful projectors and made them even better,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “Sustaining our value promise to our customers, the all-new HT1075 and HT1085ST provide enhanced benefits such as Colorific image quality, SmartEco technology, and flexible setup options that allow users to install and easily integrate the projectors with their MHL devices. Available at an amazingly low price, the duo delivers more vibrant colors and richer contrast levels for the ultimate in big screen entertainment.”

Featuring BenQ’s Colorific image quality, the HT1075 and HT1085ST provide more vivid and accurate color reproduction, higher brightness levels, crisper contrast, and longer-lasting picture quality. Both units offer full HD 1080p and 3D support, while the short-throw HT1085ST allows users to fill screens measuring up to 100 inches by simply setting up the device at only 6 feet away — making it an ideal choice for urban environments or media room settings where installation space is limited. Adding to the projectors’ razor-sharp imaging are 2,200 ANSI lumens of brightness and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which turn colors from TV shows, movies, or sporting events into more natural-looking, film-like content. The projectors are also ISFccc-certified by the Imaging Science Foundation® (ISF®), enabling viewers to enjoy a professionally calibrated picture with two optimized modes — ISF Day and ISF Night.

To create a household media hub, users can easily connect Blu-ray players and gaming consoles to the projectors via HDMI® as well as view cloud content using any MHL-ready streaming device, including Roku®, Chromecast®, and Apple® TV. As a result, viewers can bring their favorite content from popular services such as Netflix® or Hulu™ onto the screen using their streaming player of choice or even directly from their smart device. Rounding off the unparalleled convenience are the units’ new 10W chamber speakers, which offer rich audio to create a complete solution whenever a dedicated sound system is not practical, or in outdoor situations such as movie nights under the stars.

Further reducing installation and setup time is a new vertical lens shift option for the HT1075, allowing users to perfectly align the projected image to the center of the screen, thus eliminating any tedious tinkering. To ensure even more placement flexibility, both models offer horizontal and vertical keystone correction, which delivers picture-perfect projection at the push of a button. Saving money by lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), the projectors are equipped with BenQ’s SmartEco™ lamp-saving technology to prolong lamp life up to an amazing 6,000 hours while lasting three times as long as projectors sold just a few years ago. Additional cost-saving features include a filter-free design built around a sealed DLP chip that eliminates the need to clean or change messy filters; a unique lamp door design that enables lamp replacement down the road without needing to take down the projector; and a special sleep mode that reduces power consumption to under half a watt when connected but not in use.

To further simplify installations, a new optional wireless connectivity kit will be sold separately and is planned for release in Q4 2014. The fully wireless system will allow users to send content to the projectors from up to 100 feet away, giving homeowners the freedom to move the projectors throughout the house or even take them outdoors without the need to run cable.

Available in September 2014, BenQ’s all-new HT1075 and HT1085ST projectors retail at $1,199 and $1,299 respectively. 

More information on BenQ’s full line of products is available at www.BenQ.us.

BenQ RL2460HT 24″ Gaming Monitor Review


BenQ was kind enough to let us borrow one of their RL2460HT, 24-inch gaming monitors and were impressed by its performance – especially given that the monitor boasts a budget-friendly MSRP of $249.


Visually, the BenQ RL2460HT is of standard monitor fare. It features a black bezel and frame with an splash of red coloring in a strip around where the monitor meets the unit’s base piece. The RL2460HT is capable of both tilt, height adjustment, and rotational movements – allowing people who prefer to use monitors in portrait mode to get their wish. This maneuverability also helps adjust the monitor to the gamer’s eye-line – an important feature given this monitor’s narrow viewing angle (but more on that in the next section). Along the right side of the monitor, you will find the various button controls to adjust image quality, etc. The panel itself is of the Twisted Nematic (TN) variety and boasts a 1920×1080 resolution.


While this gaming monitor’s price point may only be $249, it performs very well with a lightning-fast response time of 1ms. Even though the monitor is only a 60Hz panel, the performance is respectable and is more than enough to enjoy the visual offerings of your favorite FPS title. Playing both Call of Duty: Ghosts on my PC as well as HALO 4 on my Xbox 360 while displayed on the monitor, I was pleased. Keep in mind that this monitor foregoes features like G-Sync or 3D in favor of keeping its price down. Unfortunately, this does mean that the monitor is not nearly as capable as showing off smooth motion and high-detail of 120Hz+ monitors. If you are used to that caliber of display, you probably will not like what you see here. In terms of connecting to the monitor, the RL2460HT features several inputs on its bottom edge, with 2 HDMI ports, 1 DVI-DL port, 1 D-sub pot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack available for users.

Movie watching on this monitor proved alright, but I did notice that the overall image/color quality of the panel seemed slightly “bland”, for lack of a better adjective. It performed well for its price point, but if you are a movie snob, you probably want to save for something more expensive. Adjusting the image coloring and other adjustments can be done with the on-screen display which, to its credit, should be commended for being exceptionally-easy to navigate. I hate on-screen menus but BenQ has made it a no-brainer here.

The biggest issue I found with the monitor, and this stems from its panel type, is that it has a fairly narrow viewing angle, and if you are planning to use this for several people to enjoy in a room together, you may want to look elsewhere. This monitor is best served when one person is playing a computer or console that is connected to it, and is sitting in front of the display.

Official Specs

Product Color

  • Product Color Black-Red


  • Screen Size 24″W
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Resolution (max.) 1920×1080
  • Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.276
  • Brightness ( typ.) 250 cd/㎡
  • DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.) 12M:1
  • Panel Type TN
  • Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10) 170°/160°
  • Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ. 1ms GTG
  • Display Colors 16.7million
  • Color Gamut 72% NTSC
  • Contrast ( typ. ) 1000:1

Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs

  • Input Connector D-sub / DVI-DL(Dual Link) / HDMI x 2 / Headphone jack


  • Power Supply (90~264 AC) Built-in
  • Power Consumption (On mode) 27 W
  • (Power saving mode) <0.3 W

Dimensions & Weight

  • CTN Dimensions (HxWxD mm) 422 x 684 x 230
  • Dimensions(HxWxD mm) 502 x 579 x 213
  • Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm) 350 x 579 x 63
  • Net Weight (kg) 6.1
  • Gross Weight (kg) 8.4

Special Features

  • Vista Premium
  • Senseye® Senseye 3
  • AMA Yes
  • HDCP Yes
  • Color Temperature Reddish / Normal / Bluish / User mode
  • OSD Language 17 languages
  • VESA Wall Mounting 100 x100 mm
  • Swivel (left/right) 45°/45°
  • Tilt (down/up) -5°/15°
  • Height Adjustment (mm) 110 mm
  • K Locker Yes


After borrowing one of BenQ’s RL2460HT monitors for a time, we can wholeheartedly recommend it as a gaming monitor for gamers not wanting to break their piggy banks at the expense of performance. It may not have all the high-end bells and whistles, but if you just want a decent-performing monitor at a great price, you can’t go wrong with this choice. The BenQ RL2460HT 24-inch gaming monitor is available now at BenQ’s official website.

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BenQ RevolutionEyes Gaming Monitors Featured at QuakeCon 2014


COSTA MESA, Calif. — July 15, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., a globally renowned LED and gaming monitor expert, today announced its participation at QuakeCon 2014. The gaming event, which is the largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party in North America, is being held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas from July 17-20. The annual festival attracts thousands of computer gamers who make the pilgrimage from all over the world to play with their friends on a giant gaming network, as well as to see the latest technology and compete in world-class tournaments. As the official visual sponsor, BenQ is outfitting the competition with its highly acclaimed RevolutionEyes™ gaming monitors.

“We are excited to showcase our award-winning displays at one of the country’s largest video game events rooted in the origins of the first-person shooter genre,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “At QuakeCon 2014, our RevolutionEyes professional gaming monitors will help to enhance game play with advanced features engineered exclusively for professional gaming.”

Now available on all new monitors, BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology brings exceptional monitor performance and enhanced visual comfort across the entire gaming line. Led by BenQ’s market-leading ZeroFlicker™ innovation, the monitors eliminate backlight flickering at all brightness levels, increasing eye comfort and allowing gamers to spend longer periods engaged in fast-action play. Featuring “Low Blue Light” technology, BenQ monitors remove up to 70 percent of blue spectrum light to protect gamers’ eyes during extended periods of play without affecting picture quality. All BenQ gaming monitors feature BenQ’s Black eQualizer, which enables total gaming visibility by allowing players to adjust brightness without over-exposing white levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened areas.

Gamers will battle it out on BenQ’s ultra-smooth XL-Z series of first-person shooter (FPS) purpose-built gaming monitors. The new displays add enhancements such as Motion Blur Reduction, gaming refresh rate optimization management (GROM), and 1-ms GTG response times. In addition, the new models offer BenQ’s latest firmware, which enables third-party utility support for further optimization options. The end result is striking visual clarity, seamless motion fluidity, and added viewing comfort for hours of action-packed game play.

More information on QuakeCon 2014 is available at www.quakecon.org. Additional information on BenQ’s full line of gaming monitors is available at www.BenQ.us.