Following its successful launch on Windows PC and console, Piranha Bytes presents the highly ambitious Science-Fantasy-RPG, ELEX II, is coming to Mac. Available this summer on the Mac App Store, ELEX II stands as one of the pioneering titles to fully embrace the GPU driven pipelines with Indirect Command Buffer (ICB) approach on Mac. ELEX II is also among the select few games that have shaders specifically optimised for the Metal shading language.

For those seeking more technical details, please refer to the following information:

ELEX II offers players a vibrant open world to explore, featuring five major factions, each with their own captivating story arc for players to engage with and experience. The game’s fictional world of Magalan is teeming with extraordinary creatures, hidden secrets, and breathtaking vistas. As an explorer, the possibilities are boundless—you can venture to every location you encounter within the game. By utilizing a jetpack, you can soar to the top of ancient skyscrapers or gracefully descend like a feather into the depths of an underground cave, all without risking your hero’s legs.


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