Survivors playing The Walking Dead: All-Stars, the hit mobile collection RPG from Com2uS Holdings and Skybound Entertainment, can now get their hands on new characters, a new spinoff storyline, and Survival Records in the latest expansive update.

You can check out the latest updates highlighted directly below:

  • Expand an Epic Adventure – The ALL-NEW spinoff takes place in Seoul, Korea and follows Korean survivors fighting against Walkers at a survival camp in a subway station. The series, called Hope Overseas, starts with newly added chapter 41 and an all-new Survival Record.
  • Become a Leader in Seoul – A new Korean survivor, Junhyuk, leads the survivors and launches grenades at the battlefield to inflict huge damage to their enemies. Unlike the existing survivors of The Walking Dead: All-Stars who have a specific alignment, his alignment is Unknown. Unknown survivors need to be paired up with the other existing survivors to showcase their true worth.
  • Explore new Survival Records – Community Member tells the story of a group of survivors who seek out a doctor to treat Hudson, who was injured while searching for supplies in a city. In addition, players can now challenge up to phase 480 at Alignment Defense and survivor groups’ combat power by playing through a new Challenge Mode called “People from the Outskirts.”
  • Dominate the Enemy – Dominate the enemy with Rajesh, an agile supporter who heals his comrades and proficiently uses medical supplies to help allies restore their HP. He is playable at a new Mysterious Survivor dungeon.
  • Take Advantage of Special Events – Various special events reward players with Gold Bars and other valuable items. The Basement Search event will go live on May 10th and players can acquire various items like a Personal Gear Upgrade Material Box by defeating raiders in a basement. In addition, the spinoff comes with a series of events including a Warehouse Clearance event until June 4th to reward players who successfully match pairs of cards. A Town Management event with bingo will go live until June 6th. Players can acquire various items through 7-Day Survival Support and 14-Day Growth Support events as well.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information on the game, please visit the official website here and official YouTube here.

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