Paranormal Hunter, the co-op survival horror game set in haunted locations full of malevolent spirits from EALoGAMES, is now available on Steam Early Access, with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and gamepads.

Enter a twisted realm of paranormal phenomena, exploring derelict locations possessed by lingering spirits. Move through haunted locations brought to life with immersive VR support, either alone or with up to four fellow hunters in online co-op. Explore stages to begin a spine-chilling investigation requiring keen observation to track down cursed objects, and start a banishing ritual to cleanse the location – all while avoiding an evil spirit stalking the party.

Equip tools of the parapsychology trade like the ghost sensor and a spirit-repelling flashlight that stuns malevolent entities. Stay cautious and alert, as randomized elements ensure no two investigations play out the same. Stumble through dark corridors and abandoned buildings where every creaking floorboard and muffled murmur may indicate the presence of a sinister entity seeking revenge from beyond the grave.

Work quickly to track down the required objects for banishment as supernatural pursuers advance ever closer. Avoid the spirit’s deadly gaze, as a single unfortunate encounter sends humans into a crippling stupor,damaging dwindling sanity. Encounter too much terrorand risk meeting an early grave. Whether alone or solo, know that death isn’t the end, as Paranormal Hunter’s pick-up-an-play format encourages experimentation over multiple sessions with unlockable items ideal for return trips.

Experience terror like never before thanks to optional VR support and crossplay, allowing hunters to investigate together regardless of input device. The Early Access version launches with two playable stages and a terrifying third stage planned for a future update.

“Paranormal Hunter combines the haunting legacy of Japanese and Western horror imagery to create an immersive and genuinely terrifying experience for players in VR and non-VR settings,” Takatoshi Tatsumi, founder, EALoGames. “Few things are as dread-inducing as knowing you’re being pursued by something evil, and we’re excited to witness players face their fears with today’s Early Access launch!”

Paranormal Hunter is now available on Steam Early Access for $9.99, with VR support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality devices with English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese-language support.

For more information, please visit the official website, follow Paranormal Hunter on Twitter and Facebook, and wishlist Paranormal Hunter on Steam.

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