Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the popular multiplayer naval battle MMO game World of Warships, are making waves with its latest content update for World of Warships: Legends. Plenty of Tier VIII ships drop anchor in Legendary waters, with a mix of cruisers, destroyers and battleships, including a brand-new German cruiser waiting at the end of a new campaign. On top of this, a new line of Italian destroyers comes to the Tech Tree in Early Access, a five-week calendar with a brand-new Commander becomes available from the get-go, and three seasons of Brawls await players.

Italian Destroyers make waves in the Early Access
Leading this update comes a new line of Italian destroyers to the Tech Tree to surprise your foes! Equipped with Engine Boost and Exhaust Smoke Generator consumables, these destroyers can generate significant power, making them swift additions to any fleet. In addition, this line also features Semi-Armour-Piercing shells, and can inflict serious direct damage to enemy ships via their high-powered guns and torpedoes.

This new line can be discovered through Early Access crates, available through campaign rewards & the new Squadrone Sfuggente Calendar, and special “random bundles”, a new entity, that drops a variety of in-game items.

Jötunn of the Seas Campaign summons Ägir
Legends also sees a new campaign introduced in this update, called Jötunn of the Seas. Waiting at the end is the new German Tier VIII cruiser Ägir, named for the Norse giant, a personification of the seas. The O-Class cruiser sports nine 12-inch (305 mm) guns, and two quadruple torpedo launchers built to destroy anything standing in its way. On top of all this, Ägir also has Enhanced Secondary Targeting, which is a rare feature for cruisers, as well as a robust hit point pool, Sonar consumable and a solid anti-air suite.

Even more Tier VIII Ships
Beyond the addition of Ägir come five more Tier VIII ships to take into battle. Available to players who have unlocked Tier VIII ships from this respective mix of cruisers, destroyers and battleships, these ships span Italian, Soviet and Pan-European origin. Special highlights include Pan-European destroyer Småland and Italian batleship Lepanto.

Counting down the days to Squadrone Sfuggente Calendar
The month of May also brings a special calendar, called Squadrone Sfuggente, to Legends. Dedicated to Italy’s fleet, this five-week calendar will be packed with exciting challenges and daily and weekly rewards. Waiting at the end of the calendar is an exclusive final prize, a brand-new Italian Commander Carlo Bergamini, already at rank 7, perfectly equipped to helm the new line of Italian Destroyers.

Called to the Brawl
Finally, Brawl returns in this update with three seasons to play through. Commencing on June 1, get in on the action with non-aircraft carrier ships to assert naval dominance and win a variety of prizes!

This update also brings some bug fixes, upgrades and balance changes across the game.

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