CCP Games is continuing to celebrate EVE Online’s 20th anniversary, as well as its upcoming Viridian expansion, all through this month! This game’s history is full of shenanigans, heartwarming stories, and epic events that make for great nostalgic coverage that makes for great storytelling narratives!

This week, CCP Games is turning back to the Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

The Battle of B-R5RB

Part of a larger conflict known as the Halloween War, this fight started in January 2014 after a single player controlling a space station failed to make a scheduled in-game maintenance payment, making the star system vulnerable. A record-setting battle erupted in the system, resulting in one of gaming’s most destructive conflicts with thousands of players participating.

Bloodbath of B-R5RB by the numbers:
576 capital ships destroyed
75 Titans destroyed, the largest ships available to players
7,548 players participated
Lasted over 21 hrs

To commemorate the event, CCP Games erected a permanent monument in-game named “The Titanomachy.”

The battle was so significant that CCP Games documented the event to preserve its place in history:


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