Milestone is pleased to announce RIDE 5, the latest chapter of the two-wheel racing simulation franchise that has become a home for virtual bikers around the world. As the first current-gen-only Milestone title, RIDE 5 will be available on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Epic starting August 24.

  • For the first time in the franchise, career mode features a narrator and 10 rivals to beat to become #1 in the rankings.
  • Several technological improvements will allow players to experience the most immersive and realistic rides ever.

Take what’s yours: A new career mode featuring a narrator and 10 rivals – For the first time in the series, virtual racing fans will enjoy a career mode featuring a narrator who will introduce events and guide players throughout their riding journey. A leaderboard will track progress through the career mode’s four main racing events, which will include various races to be completed before unlocking the next one. To spice up the competition, RIDE 5’s career mode will also feature 10 rivals with their own personalities, backgrounds, and distinctive looks. Players will have to beat these colorful opponents to reach the top of the leaderboard. A set of secondary challenges completes the career structure for a total of over 200 playable events.

Alongside career mode, players will find a more fleshed-out single races. Endurance races now support in-race save and rewind features to grant more control and flexibility over each session, while the single-race and time-trial game modes will be the perfect places to refine riding styles, get familiar with the different bike categories, and push performance to the limit.

High-end technology will blur the game with reality – Technological improvements will fully exploit the potential of current-gen consoles and top-range PC configurations ensuring a new, stunning level of realism and lifelike detail that results in an extremely lifelike, authentic riding experience.

For the first time in the franchise, the Milan-based development team has implemented a dynamic weather system which will calculate track and air temperature in real-time to generate a realistic weather change during races, adding a strategic dimension to the racing experience. The sky system has also been changed, moving from a 2D technology based on real photos to 3D volumetric clouds, ensuring a more immersive visual result; now players can see clouds changing shape and interacting with the lighting based on their density, creating breathtaking views. Technological improvements also affect motorbike physics, which has been improved in every aspect, from the interaction between the rider and the bike to different lean-angle speeds for each bike category.

Split-screen and cross-play: who will break last? – Bike culture knows no boundaries and with RIDE 5 bike lovers can unleash such passion through an enhanced multiplayer experience. Online, players will be able to join cross-play lobbies both on console (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) and on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). World leaderboards will push players to become the best rider they can be. Finally, following requests from the RIDE community, for the first time since RIDE 2 local split-screen is back to let players challenge their friends, side by side on the couch.

Customization options for maximum longevity – Among the pillars in the design of RIDE 5 is the desire to allow players maximum freedom in living their own journey into the bike world. The race creator feeds directly into this, letting players direct the competition and create unlimited scenarios, customizing their races and championship experience by choosing which types of bike categories to allow in the competition, selecting AI opponents and tracks, creating new liveries from scratch, and even deciding the scoring and rule system.

Though RIDE 5‘s totally immersive experience will cater to experienced bikers, those new to two-wheel racing simulations will be able to tear up the track with ease. An enhanced set of riding aids will ease the learning curve and help less experienced players get full control of their bike. Tools such as assisted brakes, cornering, automatic steering and throttle, ideal trajectory, and many others will help players master even the most difficult tracks.

Finally, with RIDE 5 players can express their creativity with editors that can create customized bikes, suits, and helmets. Players will be able to share these creations online across platforms, giving everyone access to the RIDE 5 community’s creations.

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