Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way invite players to take a seat and experience ‘Waiting for an attack’, the second piece of evocative music from their upcoming WWII RTS, Men of War II, by the renowned composer and sound designer Volodymyr Savin, as well as a new set of screenshots.

Together, the audio-visual experience provides a taste of what players can expect from the creative side of Men of War II, and for a short while immerse themselves in the complex, dark atmosphere of the game and feel the weight of decisions they will face in their role as battlefield commanders.

‘Waiting for an Attack’ – Volodymyr Savin

“The soundtrack to Men of War II is a quintessence of modern orchestral music and the general feeling about ongoing WWII battles on your screen. I was inspired by various games in the same setting and films about the events of those years, for example, Fury” said Volodymyr. “But most of all, the composing of a variety of the tracks was influenced by the war in my own country, Ukraine. I recorded this track on February 23 last year in Irpin, near Kyiv, eight hours before a full-scale invasion… so, you can hear reflections of my premonition that something bad was inexorably approaching us.”

Volodymyr Savin began studying music and art before pursuing a career in composition and sound design, using his training, experience and passion to explore the vital connection between visuals and audio. His wealth of experience in the video game industry started with creating audio for mobile series Cut the Rope, through to most recently leading the sound design and engineering team on critically-acclaimed title Metro Exodus.

Alongside his work in the video game industry, Volodymyr has comprehensive experience in many facets of music production and sound design, from working with AC/DC and Sony Music to creating the incredible PRIPYAT Pianos audio plug-in used on the HBO Chernobyl series, which required seven years of recording within the exclusion zone itself.

Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way are also pleased to present four new screenshots from Men of War II’s gripping German campaign, showcasing just a few examples from its full roster of more than 300 historically accurate vehicles and varied, battle-torn locales:

Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way are continually working with creatives from various fields to create unique, evocative pieces all of which champion and complement the highly-anticipated WWII title.

Men of War II will be available for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores in 2023. For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Steam.

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