It’s time for Dino Hunt Challenge in World of Tanks Blitz! For the first time players can grab legendary 3D animated camouflage as a reward. A fantastic combination of technology and ancient animal power. Four legendary camouflages, each reincarnates a tank into a monster from the Mesozoic era. “Stegosaurus” for Bofors Tornvagn, “Guanlong” for T49, “Ankylosaurus” for M-VI-Yoh and “Spinosaurus” for STB-1 tank are ready for battle.

While in the Garage, right before battle and after destroying the enemy, the camouflage activates a hologram of a roaring dinosaur. Armor plates, spikes, and glowing valves — fear the natural habitat of these mechanical monsters.

The collection will be available for purchase from today through March 17.

Also until March 17, the in-game Store will offer containers that may include Bofors Tornvagn and legendary Stegosaurus camouflage.

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