Wargaming, publisher and developer of the naval multiplayer free-to-play game World of Warships, is introducing an armada of content to Update 12.1. With British submarines coming to Early Access, a campaign with an Australian light cruiser waiting at the end and a new season of Clan battles, this update is jam-packed full of content. Moreover, World of Warships has also added a chain of several special combat missions with All-American prizes waiting at the finish line.

British submarines sink into Early Access

Beginning March 2nd, three historic British submarines will make their way into Early Access. Undine, Sturdy and Thrasher all enter the game alongside several permanent camouflages and other exciting rewards. These deep-sea vessels offer value in maneuverability and fast reloading acoustic torpedoes, however their limited hit-points will require players to be deft in their movements. These sub-surface ships also see the standard submarine equipment, including “Damage Control Party,” “Submarine Surveillance” and “Hydrophone”.

Alongside these additions, comes a special collective chain of combat missions which, upon completion, will bestow players with both a special commemorative flag and British Tokens.

Queen of the Seas campaign sets sail

In a three-week campaign format, The Queen of the Seas takes players on a special pirate-themed adventure that follows the path of an Australian bushranger on her quest to flee the continent aboard a mythical ship. Along the way players can acquire plenty of Pirate Tokens – a temporary resource that can be exchanged for two valuable prizes – Australian light cruiser Brisbane and Commander Matilda Kelly. With powerful air defence that includes ten 152-mm main battery guns and an augmented torpedo armament for underwater destruction, Brisbane is a valuable addition to any fleet, and the accompanying Commander Kelly sits at her helm with 19 skill points.

All-American awards await

Combat missions aren’t only limited to British submarines though. Until the end of February, players can embark on a chain of combat missions where completing them brings about a number of all-American rewards including a Commander Statue of Liberty, equipped with its own unique voice acting and American Tokens. Players can also secure permanent camouflages, a commemorative flag and a number of other star-spangled goodies in exchange for tokens or across random doubloon packs.

The season of “Salamander” Clan Battles

Closing out Update 12.1, the game also sees the 20th season of Clan Battles. Starting February 20th through April 10, Warships players with Tier X ships can team up and engage in a seven-on-seven battle of strength and strategy. As usual, to keep the playing field level, there are a handful of ship restrictions with the exclusion of aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as a cap on battleships.

Update 12.1 also sees another Battle Pass added to the game, three Brawls starting on February 20th and several visual and technical changes across the board.

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