It’s a good thing being headless doesn’t stop The Beheaded from enjoying some nice wall meat. The hero of Dead Cells will need all the help he can get when Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania launches on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch March 6 for $9.99:

Get an early look at a full minute’s worth of vampire-slaying action by watching the brand-new gameplay reveal from today’s Nintendo Direct – featuring Richter Belmont, Alucard and plenty of soon-to-be dead undead – below.

Pre-orders for the legendary crossover between indie gaming’s favorite flame-headed hero and Castlevania’s vampire slaying badasses are now available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store. Anyone new to Dead Cells who wants to get in on the action can also take advantage of some sizable discounts. A bundle including Dead Cells and the Return to Castlevania DLC is available for $22.99, while another including the base game and all released DLC will be available for $31.99 (price may vary slightly between regions and platforms). Check your preferred platform’s store for the Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Bundle (Dead Cells + Return to Castlevania) and the Dead Cells: Medley of Pain Bundle (Dead Cells + all DLC).

Front and center in today’s trailers are the inhuman enemies that The Beheaded will face down. Werewolves, blood-suckers, spooky scary skeletons and more are in the way of brand-new loot. Thankfully, Richter and Alucard have given our hero some new toys and abilities that make quick work of these formidable foes. Use Castlevania’s iconic weapons, including the Throwing Axe and Vampire Killer to dispatch monsters, all while teleporting behind enemies with a swing of Alucard’s sword.

However, you’ll need more than fancy tools when facing off against some of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania’s bosses, including Dracula and Death himself, who players will be able to face for the first time in 15 years. In these battles across two new biomes and featuring a host of new weapons and enemies, players will need to use their wits and calm their nerves to achieve victory against some of humanity’s greatest enemies.

Motion Twin also announced Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game is coming to Kickstarter this Spring:

A cooperative, rogue-lite metroidvania-inspired experience, Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game will let players explore the ever-changing island of Dead Cells. Players will have to choose their path carefully inside unforgiving biomes and work their way through Malaise-infected enemies… or die trying. Each death is a chance to mutate into something far more powerful, and to go further every run. Explore. Kill. Die. Mutate. Repeat.

Scorpion Masqué, a multiple award-winning publisher with a strong expertise in evolutive board games has been joined by a group of veteran and decorated designers Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders), Corentin Lebrat (Draftosaurus), Ludovic Maublanc (Cyclades), and Théo Rivière (The Loop), dubbed Kaedama, to bring their vast experiences to the design of the first board game in the Dead Cells universe in conjunction with Motion Twin and Evil Empire.

Find more details on Dead Cells: The Rogue-lite Board Game in a Steam blog post here:

For the latest on Dead Cells, be sure to follow @motiontwin on Twitter.

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