Having taken part of an innumerable number of web meetings since the pandemic, one thing that has always bothered me is that most people don’t look at their cameras when speaking. Instead, they look at their screens. What if you could look into the camera when speaking, but not lose out on the information your computer monitor provides? Center Cam hopes to come to the rescue in this area. Center Cam consists of a small 1080p webcam that connects to a clamp on the top of your monitor. The Center Cam hangs down from the clamp and in front of your screen. This way, you can place your web conference window behind it and essentially provide a more in-person conversation feel to your virtual presence.

In the Center Cam Standard Package, you’ll receive the Center Cam, USB-C/USB-A adapter, and clamp. They do also offer a Center Cam Deluxe Package which, for $20 dollars more will include all that the Standard Package does with the addition of a ring light and zip-up soft storage case. The Center Cam webcam itself features a 1080p resolution and onboard audio pickup and, while that works okay, I prefer a higher quality external microphone. The camera quality is good – on par with most 1080p web cameras – and more than adequate for web conferencing.

Look Into My Eyes…

Using the Center Cam in Zoom or any other web conferencing application is super-easy. Once the Center Cam’s USB cable was plugged into my computer, I was able to select it from the list of video sources in the web conferencing application. No other special software was needed, so that’s a big plus for users out there that might not be very tech savvy.

The biggest issue I had while trying to use Center Cam was its clamp. The back of my ultrawide display has quite a curve to it and the clamp simply wouldn’t stay on for very long without slipping up and, eventually, off of the monitor. If you have a display with a flatter backside, it should work just fine. I can’t help think that there isn’t a better solution to this problem. Instead of a clamp, maybe a desktop stand and snaking neck that goes straight up? Also, I sort of cringe a bit when clamping things onto my screen – even the small bezel area. But, I digress…

Overall, Center Cam is a way to re-introduce some of the eye contact and in-person qualities to your web conferencing. The Center Cam Standard Package is available now for $119.99 dollars on their official website.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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