Hunting in open-world games with a day & night lifecycle is about careful planning and time management, as in real life. With environments of 55 square miles and hard-to-reach terrain, it can be challenging to get to the desired destination in the Way of the Hunter on time while traveling by car or on foot. UTV is here to help. This free content removes the constraints of hard-to-access terrain. It brings new options while planning the hunt for animals in specific terrain and at a particular time.

What is a UTV? It stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle. It’s a workhorse, making life easier for farmers and hunters alike. UTV is an agile vehicle with two or more seats that can get you in and out of places otherwise hard to access by any other vehicle. One of the other reasons UTVs are so great is the combination of comfort, capability, and an open-air cabin. Hunters in the real world are using UTVs for various purposes, including animal food distribution, getting to hunt stands on time in harsh terrain, or hauling trophies back to their cabins or lodges.

In Way of the Hunter, UTV serves two primary purposes. You can enjoy dynamic rides throughout the vast environments when you saddle the UTV without additional gameplay requirements. You can reach places behind the wheel; otherwise hard to access with a jeep. You can quickly get to hunting stands on time to watch or hunt your desired animal. You can enjoy beautiful vistas on top of the mountain and still get back to the lodge in a timely manner.

Riding UTV in the Way of the Hunter is fun and useful at the same time. This new vehicle can change how you plan your hunting adventures or explore the environment.

Players can check the UTV experience without constraints as it is available now as free DLC content for the Way of the Hunter on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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