Polish independent developer Bnayat Games S.A today announced Shockwave: Land of the Blind, a first person immersive bomb disposal game about the high pressures of saving lives under extraordinary circumstances is coming to Steam for PC in early 2023.

Set in modern-day Syria, Shockwave: Land of the Blind tells the story of Jerome Kowalsky, an ex-military Sapper now tasked with a peacekeeping force as a contract bomb defusal expert. Jerome is accompanying an emissary heading to post-war Aleppo, Syria to save the lives of a community living a precarious existence in the ruins of a city devastated by conflict, lawlessness and crime. As a highly experienced sapper Jerome finds himself pitted against the destructive genius of a determined bombmaker, who is pitting his own wits, knowledge and expertise in the ultimate face off.

Shockwave: Land of the Blind puts a strong focus on stealth and intel gathering in missions that are multi-path and multi-layered, there’s no hand holding here or quest markers, no mini map or magical radar to expose the threat, it’s your knowledge and skillful resolve and how you adapt to the crisis wearing a full Advanced Bomb Suit designed to protect you from fragmentation, blast overpressure, impact, heat, and flame. In its strive for authenticity, developer Bnayat Games S.A worked closely with former members and world leading IED experts from GROM, a Polish Special Forces Military unit well versed in modern day warfare and tactical countermeasures.

“We’re excited to officially reveal the nerve shredding experience of what it takes to be a bomb disposal specialist working under extremely dangerous conditions. It’s our goal to provide players with a narrative driven, thought provoking and technically superior first person military game about the individuals who undertake one of most difficult jobs on the planet in their effort to save life” Said Jamal Bnayat, CEO of Bnayat Games S.A.

“Shockwave: Land of the Blind is also a story that conveys a very revealing journey where experiences are personal and intimate, and how spiritual revelation and positive faith grants Jerome the resolve to save lives” he adds.

Missions will require careful planning – not to mention equipping the correct tools and gear you’ll need to eliminate the bombers threat. The volume and weight of your inventory is limited, so you’ll need to choose your gear wisely. Need to extract something too dangerous to disarm on-site? Use the hook-and-line and the sapper robot. Landmines? Take a metal detector or ground radar. The location is expendable? Water charges will prove the most efficient.

As a highly trained Sapper you’ll need to disarm a range of different explosive devices – from simple improvised charges, through to more complex, procedurally generated IEDs and immense hand-crafted puzzles with a racing countdown.

Bomb disposal is a job where nerves of steel and a careful stealthy approach is necessary, keeping a low profile is essential so as not to antagonize the locals; staying out of sight of armed militia elavates your chances of mission success. As a bomb disposal expert you are a priority target in the area and the enemy will do everything to hunt you down.

The pressure is on and the clock is ticking.

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