Aion: Classic, the refreshed restart of the fantasy MMORPG Aion, is bringing back nostalgic battles and raising the level cap in the major 2.0 content update available beginning today. The Stormwing’s Defiance update allows Daevas – Aion’s winged warriors – the ability to reach an increased level cap of 55, and opens up some nostalgic zones to farm and battle in. The update also adds in four new fortress sieges, seven new instance dungeons, including a PvP battlefield dungeon, more powerful abyss items, and more. To commemorate the update, players can also receive a free Stormwing pet through a code redemption beginning today. Find out more details about the update on the official website.

New Features Include:

  • Raised Level Cap – The Aion: Classic service now has a new high-water mark for Daevas to reach. Along with new power comes new skills and stigmas for each class, along with skill trees to help mitigate class weaknesses to add more diversity to PvP battles.
  • Balaurea – Its beauty belies the fiercely contested battles in the new zones. Suitable for players over Level 50, the new zones present new challenges and new dangers for players. It also houses four new Fortress Sieges for players to battle over.
  • Seven New Instances – Solo dungeons, group dungeons, and PvP battlefield dungeons grace the update, giving plenty of new options for players to farm new gear and level faster. The ultimate challenge of these new dungeons is Beshmundir Temple, home of the dragon Stormwing himself, where he guards Aion: Classic’s first availability of Heroic-grade armor. Defeat the dragon to get the best equipment available
  • And More – Quality of life improvements, new Abyss Equipment, new PvP sets, and more are included in this update. For full details, visit the update page

These changes and more are now available in the Stormwing’s Defiance update for Aion: Classic. Find out more and how to register and download on the official website.

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