Gameparic released Horror Tycoon: Playtest! Your task in the game is to scare, terrify and thrill guests.. As it is a hybrid of tycoon and tower defense, your craziest ideas make come true and get on a higher level. Please remember that this is part of our game that will be released in the future.

Make guests’ nightmares a real business. Design and build multifarious attractions and be aware of losing your reputation and cash. Walls, trapdoors, and doorways will be needed to frighten guests. You can also build rooms and experiment with them in different ways.

Customizing your attractions will make disappearing visitors more enjoyable. Lightning effects or spooky props and appropriate colors that you can choose to make guests frightened. Do not be afraid to put aliens or ghosts between the walls, but remember it must be a surprise! Otherwise, visitors will not be afraid and you can lose fear reputation.

Be prepared for the next waves of guests and the most important thing is the further you progress, the more you have to scare. If you earn enough scary reputation, you can go to the next location. And remember that police cannot catch you for your sinful acts of making visitors disappear…

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