KRAFTON, Inc. announces that game developer Bluehole Studio has rolled out a massive update for TERA in celebration of the game’s fourth anniversary on PlayStation and Xbox. The update includes a new Battle Pass season, a new dungeon, an expanded character growth system, a series of anniversary events and more.

TERA is the first non-targeting combat system in the MMORPG genre. Players can choose from seven races and 13 classes for a whole new style of combat and engage in exciting battles against powerful monsters. See below for a breakdown of major additions and changes that will go live in TERA with the anniversary update.

  • Battle Pass Season 5 – A new Battle Pass season will arrive alongside the anniversary update with Battle Pass Season 5: Black Tiger. This Battle Pass will feature the beauty of Korea and will be available from March 31 through July 7. The season pass will consist of three forms of missions – daily missions, challenge missions and hidden missions. Clearing each mission earns unique rewards such as vehicles and costumes.

  • New Dungeon – The anniversary update introduces the Corrupted Skynest (Hard) dungeon where Kelsaik awaits after being revived by Argon Kelbas. This is a higher-level dungeon compared to last season’s Corrupted Skynest and will offer players a more challenging level of difficulty.

  • Expanded Character Growth System – In addition to the four existing types of stigmas, three special stigmas have been added for players to use to effectively defeat monsters that are susceptible to their stigma item.

  • Anniversary Events – A series of events are lined up in celebration of the anniversary.

    • To start, the Lv. 65 Boosting Event will help new players jump into the action faster and allow existing players to quickly grow their characters’ level.

    • Players who log in through April 3 will also receive one Lv. 65 scroll per account to enjoy gameplay at the highest-level character of the game.

    • The Stormcry Gear Giveaway and Manglemire Dungeon Event, available from March 31, are two additional events that will allow players fun opportunities to obtain the best gear and receive support to upgrade their gear.

    • Finally, various in-game events to help enhance stigma and a 20 percent discount on the four types of TERA Coin will be offered to provide a richer gameplay experience.

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