Lineage II: Aden, the solo gameplay-enhanced server for the Lineage II free-to-play MMO, is embracing the storm with the new Vanguard class. Exclusive to the Orc race, the heavy armor wearing warrior wields a spear and can mount a beast to charge into battle. To celebrate the new class, players will be able to obtain a special Vanguard Support Kit and Vanguard Ring for free, each providing useful items and stats; both available through April 6 and May 5 respectively.

Coinciding with the new race is a Class Change system, where players can pay 50M Adena (in-game currency), to change classes at their current level without losing progress. Available up to three times per month, the Vanguard class will be the first new class available for this system. There are other big changes arriving to Lineage II and Lineage II: Classic, but visit the patch notes for full details.

Notable Changes this patch include:

Lineage II: Aden:

  • Eight new locations to help players progress further, including Ice Lord’s Castle, Elmoreden’s Tower, Phantasm Dungeon, Hot Springs, and more.
  • Class balances and skill updates for the Archer, Wizard, Summoner, and Death Knight classes
  • A World Trading Post, which allows players to register items purchased with L2 Coin (premium currency) across servers.

Lineage II:

  • The Storm of Terror has arrived for Lineage II servers! New key items have been added to the game, including the Fallen Angel’s Earring and Tersi’s Soul Crystal, which can enhance R-Grade armor.
  • Hunting Zones and Dungeons have been revamped to improve player progression – these areas include: Fafurion Temple, Dragon Valley, Tower of Insolence, and more.
  • Class skills have been balanced for Enchanters and Death Knights, as well as a broad expansion of skills across all classes.

Lineage II: Classic:

  • Introduces the new Victory System, which uses Victory Coins for special collection effects. Players can complete daily hunting missions to earn Victory Coins, or they can be purchased with Adena (in-game currency) or L2 Coin (premium currency).
  • The Enchant System and Challenge Point System have been revamped so success rates are now displayed in the UI, and players can receive special Challenge Points when they are unsuccessful in enchanting certain items, which can then be used to improve success rates or prevent item destruction during future enchanting.

These sweeping updates to Lineage II, Aden, and Classic, are now available to players for free. For full details or to create an account and begin playing, visit the game’s official website.

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