Klabater invites players to take a sip of Moonshine Inc, recently featured by major YouTuber Raptor and with a free demo, out now on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest! Leave the big city for the Appalachian mountains and step into a story full of colorful characters to build an illegal brewing operation into a moonshine empire right under the nose of the law.

Ferment & Distill Moonshine

Moonshine Inc. lets players harness the real chemistry behind moonshine distillation to create mind blowing batches of booze for the thirsty masses suffering from sobriety! Featuring a rich fermentation and distilling crafting system created in collaboration with Dr. Andrzej Żywociński from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Moonshine Inc. aims to recreate the craft and life of a real American moonshiner as authentically as possible.

Build a Business Empire

Manage your employees and delivery network to produce and sell thousands of liters of moonshine! With management systems created in collaboration with Dr. Marcin Wardaszko of Kozminski University who has published papers on game design and business simulations, you’ll have to strategically build your fledgling moonshine business into an empire, one batch at a time.

Outwit the Law

Keep your head down and the booze brewing as you buy, expand, and upgrade your illegal, hidden bases across a huge map! Moonshine Inc.’s Red Flag Police System intelligently controls the behavior of the local police and federal agents who are constantly closing the net around your operation. You’ll be harassed by corrupt sheriffs, a particular ATF agent, and even a corrupt governor, but with the help of your younger sister Elly-Jane and old grand-uncle Donald, you’ll fight the odds, the competition, and Johnny Law all at once if you have to.

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