Movie Games has the pleasure to announce Food Truck Empire, the new upcoming game by Lichthund, co-produced by Pixel Crow Games. In this 3D tycoon, you will customize food trucks, create your menus, and find hungry customers across multiple cities in the United States. The game is coming to PC. Watch the announcement trailer.

In Food Truck Empire you can become the ultimate food truck tycoon. Create your fleet, manage menus, optimize your mobile kitchens and conquer the streets. From cheap burgers to gourmet masterpieces. From shady alleys to posh neighborhoods. Find your customers, fill their bellies and build your Food Truck Empire!

Build the perfect mobile kitchen. In a tiny food truck, every inch matters, so optimize your recipes and production.

Start small: with a few “vintage” rust buckets, some dubious recipes, and that one food court behind the gas station. Soon you’ll be rollin’ in dough and 5-star ratings.

Every fleet needs a base, so design your HQ, add new departments, and unlock fancy new ways to make people fall in love with your street food.

Experience living cities, with changing times of day, events, and opportunities. Each district is inhabited by different people with different tastes. Will you pick a lunch rush downtown, serving busy bankers with deep pockets? Or focus on the old industrial district with hungry workers by day and partygoers at night? Everyone is looking for a cheap bite.

Build your own Food Truck Empire on PC. For more information follow our Steam and social media.

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