It’s time to try a new way to play in World of Tanks Blitz! Famous for special modes and legendary events enjoyed by tankers all around the world, the game invites players to join the ranks for the latest action-packed mode with a twist: Big Boss. With two chances to play, tankers can get involved from February 3rd through February 6th, and February 10th through February 13th. Engage in all-out 7v7 PvP battles where team members are randomly assigned special roles with unique abilities—and one tank in each team becomes the Boss!

See for yourself: compared to its base stats, the Boss tank receives a 30% increase to damage and speed, 50% faster reloads, and quadruple HP. To top that off, Bosses can push and damage the enemies with their Blast Wave active ability and deal damage to a line of tanks with their Megashot passive ability. To give their opponents a fighting chance, Bosses only respawn twice per battle.

However, the rest of the team receives unlimited respawns during which they switch between the RPG-like roles of Regenerator, Catalyst, Bomber, and Graviton at random.

  • Graviton immobilizes and traps enemies with the Gravitrap, while staying at a distance.
  • Bomber enjoys close combat and explodes in a Big Bang to deal mass damage to the enemy vehicles nearby.
  • Catalyst is a strong damage dealer with Poison Shots;
  • Regenerator protects and heals the Boss and other allies using multiple abilities: Healing Shots, Energy Shield, and Restoration Zone.

Featuring unique active and passive abilities, these roles each have up to 5 upgradeable levels to unlock Unlike their teammates, Bosses stick to their role until the end of the game.

Every Boss frag is worth 5 points, and any other tank wasted is 1 point; pitted against each other in a test of aggression, strategy, and speed, each team races to score 30 points to win.

The Big Boss mode can be played in any Tier V to X vehicle. If you don’t have one of these yet, Big Boss has a quest for you. Complete it between January 27 and February 13, and you will be ready to feel the power and to become a heroic giant slayer in the T67 (a Tier V U.S. TD) that will be added to your account permanently.

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