Raise your shields and prepare for a warp jump, because Mitzi Games presents today the space opera turn-based tactical RPG Space Cats Tactics. Mixing grid- and turn-based tactical combat with inside-ship crew management, as the roguish space cat Captain Mitzi you will fight in nerve-wracking space combat against all kinds of enemy ships between asteroids, huge motherships and clouds of cosmic gas — but you will also have to manage your crew while you do it, choosing which parts of the ship to operate to take advantage of its different capabilities.

Your species, a hybrid of feline and man, was created by humans as a caste of slave warriors; but eventually catkind managed to break your chains and liberate itself. Still despised and feared, you are great warriors and pilots, but your people do jobs no one wants… Like, for example, your current job: smuggling a space ship to a remote corner of the galaxy, with the government army chasing you, facing almost impossible odds!

On top of all this, Space Cats Tactics offers an epic tale of struggle and conflict in the best tradition of space opera, where your choices and dialogues will shape the story of Captain Mitzi. It’s up to you if you try to be diplomatic or gun-toting, if you become a hero or a pirate.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Mitzi Games has released a free demo of Space Cats Tactics that you can play now on Steam!

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