Stop the count! Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios have been coerced into releasing Caribbean Skies, the latest and greatest add-on for Tropico 6. Available today on the Kalypso Store, Steam, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, Caribbean Skies is Tropico 6’s largest add-on to date, introducing a sky-scraping stack of exciting new gameplay features as El Prez battles to save not only his beloved Tropico, but the world!

In this global-stakes airborne adventure, players will guide Tropico through five brand new campaign missions, deploying a veritable fleet of airborne minions and meeting an eclectic cast of characters along the way. New buildings, edicts and traits all bring fresh twists to the core Tropico 6 gameplay, while additional palace decorations and outfits for El Presidente offer players further choice to customize their islands.

Crane your neck skyward and check out the new trailer below. Review code is available now for all platforms.

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