Are you ready to take Hollywood by storm? A-Line Games announces today Actor Tycoon 2, a start-studded actor agent simulator where you play as the head of your own talent agency. Build your business from the ground up and manage your actors to success, finding them the best roles to win the most prestigious awards. Gain recognition within the film industry, mingle with celebrities and enjoy the glamorous life of stars’ agents! Actor Tycoon 2 will be released on Steam soon – stay tuned for further news about its release date!

You will have to comb the streets to find star material – that elusive quality that makes someone much more than a simple actor. But beware: actors have peculiar personalities, and their unique quirks (as well as the daily occurrences of a talent agency) will surprise you in hundreds of random events. As you expand your business you will unlock new skills, and depending on the location of your agency, you will be able to specialize in films, theater or TV shows – no two games will be the same!

Actor Tycoon 2 is the anticipated sequel of Actor Tycoon, an unexpected success that got over 80,000 players hooked to their smartphones and tablets with the adventures and misfortunes of running a talent agency. This sequel moves from mobile platforms to Steam, expanding dramatically the gameplay and overall quality of the game with many new features and options. Actor Tycoon 2 will also offer full modding support, which will allow players to create their own custom actors, random events and even tweaks to the game balance and mechanics.


  • Build and expand your agency: improve your skills and expand your business to recruit the best actors
  • Turn unknown actors into stars: hire young aspiring actors, arrange auditions for them and find fitting roles that will make them famous
  • Manage egos and rub shoulders with the powerful: you’ll have to keep your actors happy, befriend successful directors and studio executives
  • Choose between film, theater or TV for unique playing experiences: each industry plays by its own rules!
  • Negotiate contracts and improve your reputation to choose the right genre and get the best conditions for your actors
  • Attend exclusive events and parties where you will mingle with celebrities to increase your network of contacts
  • Impress directors with your film culture to improve your relationship
  • Save your actors from trouble: manage their reputation and get them out of tricky situations, dispel rumors, make them participate in social events…

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