July 11, 2019 — Joining the cruisers in the French tech tree, a group of battleships are set sail for battle in World of Warships Blitz. The premier French battleship is the Turenne, sitting at Tier III, is researchable from Friant, the Tier III cruiser. The new additions are:

  • Turenne, Tier III
  • Courbet, Tier IV
  • Bretagne, Tier V
  • Normandie, Tier VI
  • Lyon, Tier VII
  • Gascogne, Tier VIII
  • Alsace, Tier IX
  • République, Tier X

At lower tiers, these battleships are much like those in other nations: good armor with hard-hitting guns. When progressing up the tech tree, these vessels eventually morph and become much like battle cruisers that are quite speedy. From Tier VII and up, these battleships start to really show their class; the high-tier battleships boast strong AA armament and their turrets now have 4 guns. The only downside of having more guns is that they are of a smaller caliber.

Overall, these battleships are fast and agile—a not-so-common trail for this class—which can go even faster with the Engine Accelerator skill. In addition to their pace, these French ships have pretty accurate guns, which is a perfect counter for their biggest weakness—their weak armor.

All the new French vessels are locked and loaded, eager to take to battle in World of Warships Blitz.

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