From our dear friends and correspondents in New Jersey, here is one family’s thoughts on Six Flags Great Adventure’s Holiday in the Park event!

Dad: We had a blast at Six Flags Holiday in the Park at Great Adventure in New Jersey. This was the first year we were able to attend (and the first time going there for the kiddos), and I would highly recommend it as it’s the perfect time to visit provided you can handle the cold. They do a great job decorating the park with lights and holiday themed items, and because there is a little chill in the air, it isn’t nearly as crowded as the summer and fall.

We dressed in layers and it ended up being about 40 degrees the day we attended. We split our time on outdoor and indoor activities, stopping by some of the fire pits to warm up when needed. There were barely any lines for the rides and coasters, the longest we waited was about 10 minutes for the Ferris wheel. Everything else was just walk up and ride, including all the coasters – many allowing you to just stay on if you wanted to go again (yeah Joker!). It is worth noting that they do have the frontier section closed off, but the rest if all up and running with the exception of a few rides (listed on their site).

They have the holiday feast available to go along with the theme, and everything from the turkey to the mashed potatoes and stuffing and hot chocolate was a treat. The shows were okay, and a nice break if you wanted to get out of the cold. As a family, we loved it, and it is now our preferred time to visit the park since there aren’t major crowds to contend with, the rides are easily accessible with little to no wait and it’s decked out so nicely.

Son (8 years old): Here are some family friendly things to do in the park. Sit near a campfire, go to Wonder (show), do the mirror maze, go on the Ferris wheel, and go on Dark Knight. Some of the park is closed but there not long lines. Next to Poinsettia Peak is where they have all different foods. You get a main meal plus two sides. If you go on The Joker make sure your shoes are on tight. If you go on Justice League, it might have technical difficulties because when my family and I rode on it, it broke (for 5 minutes).

Daughter (11 years old): I absolutely love Six Flags Holiday In The Park. I loved all the decorations, they go all out. There is a huge Christmas Tree to greet you when you walk in. Also there are lights strung everywhere. There are huge ornaments and snowmen too!! From the Ferris wheel you could see all of the lights, it was so pretty especially at night. I loved the Cirque show because there were a variety of amazing acts like a juggler and trampoline artists. The food was so good and so was the hot chocolate. Finally, all the rides were super awesome especially the 4D Justice League ride. I hope you are going because it is so fun.

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