Shenzhen, China, September 26, 2018, Zhiyun Tech is proud to announce the release of the new WEEBILL LAB stabilizer for mirrorless cameras. Named after Australia’s smallest songbird, the WEEBILL LAB mimics its namesake by offering a light, compact and nimble stabilizer body that’s filled with features and delivers in performance. The LAB designation identifies Zhiyun’s new top-of-the-line range that offers extensive control, monitoring and streaming to tablets and smartphones connected with the WEEBILL LAB.

Zhiyun designed the WEEBILL LAB to deliver revolutionary controls that are natural to filmmakers. The high-quality aluminum tripod can be folded to hold the WEEBILL LAB as a traditional vertically-held stabilizer, or it can be quickly snapped on the horizontal part of the body to offer a more natural horizontal grip, perfect for underslung shots or a steady two hand grip.

WEEBILL LAB – easy grip gimbal for mirrorless cameras

The WEEBILL LAB is an all-new professional stabilizer for mirrorless digital cameras up to 3 Kg in weight. It stands out by its lightweight body, versatile design, great control, and action-oriented design features while its engine is 50% smaller, but delivers 80% more power compared to other stabilizers in its class.

The WEEBILL LAB comes with double quick-release plates (Manfrotto/Arca-Swiss) for easy setup and fast equipment switching, without the need to re-balance. After installation, it becomes immediately obvious that the tilted angle of the roll-axis ensures that the camera’s display is clearly viewable under the most important angles. The most distinguishing feature of the WEEBILL LAB is the ability of the aluminum tripod to act as an extended vertical grip for two-handed use, and most importantly, to be transformed into a horizontal grip for extra stabilization and easy grip for low shots, and shots with a difficult angle.

Each axis also features a simple latch, with a bright red aluminum tab, to quickly snap an axis in place, while the frame also has a mounting for an external monitoring device.

The hand rest features the signature LAB series OLED display which displays vital information about the gimbal with both a control joystick and adjustment dial below it as well as an easy switch for pan and follow/follow mode. Zhiyun’s PhoneGo mode from the Smooth series also debuts on the digital camera stabilizers, which allows for extremely sporty performance and crazy transition effects.

Finally, the WEEBILL LAB can operate for 10 hours on a single charge of its two 18650 batteries. It can simultaneously charge the camera installed on it.

Zhiyun LAB – Premium features for professional filmmakers

LAB is Zhiyun’s new denominator for premium models of the new stabilizers, an indicator of the best quality and high-end features for filmmakers. The two new LAB products feature a unique ergonomic grip style to quickly switch from dual-handed to sling-mode for low angle shooting. The handles feature synchronous zoom and focus wheels for fine-grained adjustments, as well as mode selection and control buttons, invaluable for detailed filmmakers.

Possibly its best feature is the ability to use any tablet or smartphone as a dedicated monitor by streaming all the footage over Wi-Fi. But more than saving money on an external monitor, the ViaTouch Control System allows full remote control over the gimbal and the camera settings. This allows for easy framing and adjustment when filming on a tripod, or take your movie quality to the next level as a dedicated stabilizer operation can be supported by remotely controlling the camera settings and movements for amazing dramatic footage.

Zhiyun LAB overview:

  • Revolutionary Single/Dual Handed Structure
  • Wireless streaming of shot footage on external devices
  • Synchronous zoom and focus control wheels
  • ViaTouch Control System with the motion-controlled interface
  • Rich control panel through Smartphone or Tablet


Coming Soon – CRANE 3 LAB ergonomic stabilizer for professional DSLR filming

The CRANE 3 LAB will also be released before the holiday season. Visually similar to the smaller WEEBILL LAB, the CRANE 3 LAB supports professional DSLR camera and lens combinations. Visitors at the recent BIRTV2018 and IBC 2018 shows already had a first opportunity to feel the ergonomic advances made by Zhiyun to the stabilizers’ design. With its protruded handle on the back, all feature and control buttons are easily accessible in the two-handed grip mode, whilst the sturdy tripod can double as an additional grip.

As its name suggests, the CRANE 3 LAB is part of Zhiyun’s LAB series of premium products and supports all its features, including external monitoring and control, quick axis locking.


Zhiyun Tech is a pioneer and a world leader in gimbals and stabilizers for both professional filmmakers and personal video creators. Zhiyun’s innovative solutions and dedication to delivering products that go beyond customers’ expectations strengthen the belief that everyone can be an excellent filmmaker with the right gimbal to equip with their shooting device.
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