Airsoft chronographs have been relatively stable in terms of features until recently, with models that attach to rifles and some that even boast wireless communication. However, the basic chronograph hasn’t changed all that much. Acetech’s newest airsoft chronograph, the AC6000, is trying to push the basic chronograph to the next level and is, without a doubt, the most solid chronograph I have gotten the chance to use. The Acetech AC6000 features a plastic, dark gray body with silver accents and feels very well built. It measures roughly 5 inches by 4 inches with a height of 2.4 inches, making it easy to transport to a game in your tactical bag. It has a five-way control pad on the front as well as a power button and large LED screen. On the bottom of the AC6000, you’ll find a standard tripod mount as well as the battery door, which is easy to open and close. The Acetech AC6000 is powered by 4 AAA batteries and the battery life seems to be excellent – at least in my dealings with the unit. On the back of the chronograph, you’ll find a mini-USB port which is an additional way you can power the unit! It should be noted that this port will not charge batteries – just power the chronograph. Still, if you are out of batteries on the field but remembered to bring your USB battery, you are all set.

Functionally, the Acetech AC6000 airsoft chronograph features an enlarged, 36mm diameter tube with an increased number of sensors to accurately measure any projectiles passing through it. This enlarged tube diameter is an outstanding addition as it not only allows for more accurate readings but also less room for error based on where you are pointing the muzzle in relation to the chronograph. I am sure we are all aware of the frustration of shooting a BB into a chronograph only for it to display an OUT error or inconsistent number. This problem becomes worse when you have a bigger mock suppressor or flash hider on the airsoft gun.

The screen is super crisp

The LED screen of the Acetech AC6000 is beautiful and easily the best on any airsoft chronograph I have seen. It is bright, crisp, and using the directional control pad to navigate through the various menu options is straightforward. The AC6000 has a 25 shot memory in it so you can easily compare your readings when switching out BB weights. Also, you can change the BB weight on the measurement screen – this is a big deal as you usually have to change this setting on an entirely different screen. The entire Acetech AC6000 experience is based on providing a great user experience to the person using it.

Overall, the Acetech AC6000 airsoft chronograph is an exceptional choice for players looking to accurately measure their airsoft gun’s velocity. The Acetech AC6000 retails from $80 to $90 dollars depending on the retailer. This is on the higher-end of the airsoft chronograph price spectrum – however, the AC6000 is a high-end airsoft chronograph and that price point is just fine for the value and features you’re getting with it. You can also check on some popular airsoft retailer websites as there are coupon codes that can be applied to your purchase. It should be noted that Acetech does make a lesser-expensive airsoft chronograph called the AC5000, however that one does not have the same quality of display and larger tube diameter – not mention some other bonuses found on the AC6000.

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Acetech AC6000 Airsoft Chronograph

$80 to $90








  • Crisp display
  • Optional USB power
  • Large tube diameter


  • USB will not charge batteries

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