It is an unfortunate aspect of video gaming that, sometimes, people can get addicted and take things too far. Some people have gamed for so long, without eating or drinking, that they even died at the keyboard! A less dramatic situation might be when you are playing a overnight session of your favorite MMO with a guild and can’t break away for sustenance. Ample might have a solution for you with their meal replacement shakes. Admittedly, I was off-put by how the Ample meal replacement shake comes to you. It is a bottled powder that, when mixed with water, milk, or juice becomes the meal replacement drink proper. I unscrewed the cap and smelled the contents. The tan colored, course powder had a neutral scent that alleviated my concerns. Now I was just curious what to mix it up with. I decided on non-fat milk and began carefully pouring the milk into the bottle. I filled it to the top of the label and shook it with a moderate amount of intensity. The powder blended up very well and I did not get nearly as many clumps as I expected – especially for a non-micronized powder.

After preparation, I opened the bottle again and took a swig. The taste was bland – not offensive at all but not very tasty. The consistency was a bit “iffy”, having a chalky texture that wasn’t that great – but, that’s what you get for having healthy oils and dietary fiber floating about. I finished my bottle and went about my business. Thankfully, the Ample meal replacement shake did help me feel fuller longer so that I didn’t have to eat a full meal for a while after. If you are looking to replace one of your daily meals with an Ample drink, I think you will be pleased with the results. I believe the secret of this is in the aforementioned dietary fiber. It tricks your body into feeling like it has eaten something better than other meal replacement drinks made mostly of sugar. Also, unlike some other meal replacement options I have digested, the Ample formula did not upset my stomach at all, which is a big benefit.

Nutritionally, I think it is important to read some of the ingredients in the mix, which Ample has kindly listed out, with verbosity, on the label. I am big on making sure I take in enough protein to support my workout routine. If the Ample meal replacement drink didn’t have enough, that would probably be a “deal-breaker” for me with regards to future usage. Thankfully, Ample has put 27 grams of the proteiny-goodness in each bottle! Furthermore each bottle has 10g of dietary fiber and 10g of unsaturated fats. The formula does have 10g of saturated fat and 490mg of sodium, so factor that into your diet before drinking. If you are using Ample as a true meal replacement, these shouldn’t affect you too much – but, as always, consult your doctor before going on any diet plan or trying any new meal replacement drinks. If the standard formula, which contains whey protein, is not your cup of meal replacement drink, Ample also offers both “ketogenic” and “vegan” formulas.

Overall, Ample meal replacement drinks do a good job of providing sustenance to you when needed – especially if you are unable to make a meal on your own due to whatever is going on in your life: Work, chores, or long gaming tournaments. Ample is available in a variety of sizes, formulas, and quantities. Check out the official website for more info!

Ample Meal Replacement Shakes

$39.00 for 6










  • Easy to make
  • Neutral taste
  • 25g of Protein per Bottle


  • Consistency is "iffy"

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