When I sat down with Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens: Splice And Dice, I expected something kind of deal where the Predators had dropped a bunch of Aliens in Mega City One and then hunted them down much to the displeasure of Judge Dredd.  Sounded simple enough – but, what the story wound up being was much deeper than that.

In Mega City One a cyber messiah named Archbishop Emoji arose promising Armageddon.  His followers branded emojis into their foreheads and joined him in a terror through town that included everything from murder to speeding.  As Dredd and his backup start to close in on Emoji he shot out into the Wastelands, leaving some of his followers as traps as he went into the Alabama Morass jungles and swamplands where it was rumored you enter alive but you never leave.

Meanwhile, in that wasteland, a bunch of Island of Dr. Moreau type hybrid creatures are hunting down a Predator from a crashed ship.  The last thing that this predator does is pop an S.O.S. as he is captured.  It isn’t long before we see a strange standoff with stolen DNA from an Alien on the crashed ship, a tech monster, and a human-arachnid hybrid and two of the galaxies best warriors working side by side to take on various versions of the galaxy’s best surviving nasty beast.  It really keeps you on your toes how it is going to work out right until the end.  Let’s face it when you have a name like Judge Dredd he is going to survive, and if you remember Anderson from the more notable Dredd works you have a pretty good idea about her too but everyone else really is a toss up.

Good Until The Last Egg:

Now that Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens: Splice And Dice is available in graphic novel with sketch work at the back I highly recommend this read that stays true to it’s know characters and creates some really interesting new ones.  You should be able to find it at your local book store, or if you are like me, your mom-in-law.

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens: Splice And Dice Review Score

(4 out of 5 stars)


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