One of the things that can happen after long periods of video gaming or, for that matter, any sort of activity is that you begin to feel fatigued and sluggish. Runners have known about energy gel shots for a long time – different than the energy shots you find at the super market or gas station, these gels are designed to replenish energy stores and get you moving again. My personal hobby of choice these days is long-duration airsoft games. These games can go on for several hours and can be made up of numerous bouts of high endurance activity separated by long periods of walking. It is very easy to run out of gas after a few big shoot outs, and it was my hope that the Vital 4U Screamin Energy Max Hit would help.

The Screamin Energy Max Hit pouch is made from a foil like material that allows for easy storage, and features an easy-to-use, tear-off top when read for consumption. I had been playing for a couple hours and my proverbial wagon and seriously dragging. I opened a pouch and swigged it back. The first thing that hit me was its terrible flavor. The Screamin Energy Max Hit product comes in a Coffee Mocha flavor that is bitter and, if that were the only issue, would not be a problem. It is also mixed with a concoction of vitamins and panax ginseng. The mix of flavors is not good. But, I pressed on and drank it down, followed by copious gulps from my canteen (Important Safety Tip: Hydrate!).

Thankfully, the taste was the only drawback of the Vital 4U Screamin Energy Max Hit product. Within about a half hour I started feeling a boost of energy that I would classify as “smooth”. I always recommend you check with your doctor before using any new health products but I had no issue with this one. Unlike some energy supplements, the Screamin Energy Max Hit did not make me jittery or upset my stomach. The energy seemed to last for a couple hours and then I just didn’t notice it – one way or the other. Just as smoothly as it came on, it went away with no crash. I applaud Vital 4U for creating such a smooth energy supplement and would definitely use it again in future long-duration airsoft events.

*Please check with your physician before using ANY new energy products

You can purchase Vital 4U’s Screamin Energy Max Hit at their official website for $17 dollars a multi-pack.

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